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the Tellarites have snouts, fur, and cloven-hoof fingers on the hands.
                                                                "Journey to Babel" [TOS]

Tellarites prefer a hotter environment than is usually kept on Earth starships.
                                                                "Babel One" [ENT]
Some Tellarites have three fingers.  [TOS]
Others don't.   [ENT]

T'pol thinks that Tellarites are "not the most agreeable, but usually trustworthy".
                                                             "Dead Stop" [ENT]
They have a propensity toward strong emotion. However, they enjoy a good argument, which is
    even considered a sport on Tellar.   "Bounty" [ENT]
Tellarites are a species that thrive on arguing.  They always have a litany of complaints.  It's how they
    start arguments with people they've just met.  If they have nothing to complain about, they'll just
    insult you.  Whatever they say, you have to respond in kind.  Otherwise, they'll take offense.
                                                               "Babel One" [ENT]
Some Tellarites, the ambassador Gral specifically, like to have a good soak in a mud bath in the morning.
                                                               "Babel One" [ENT]
Tellarites are known to be an impatient people.
                                                               "United" [ENT]
One of Garak's suggested wedding dresses for Rom and Leeta was in the style of Tellarite modern.
                                                                "Call to Arms" [DS9]
Food & Drink:
Tellarites consider canines something of a delicacy.
                                                               "Babel One" [ENT]
Tellarite Mining Consortium:
A Tellarite group that regulates that species freighters.
Skalaar and his brother Gaavrin owned and operated the Tellarite freighter Tezra under the
authority of the Consortium.  "Bounty" [ENT]

Places of Interest:
Tellarite space is on the far side of Andorian space from the planet Babel.  (a five day journey for the
                                                                "Babel One" [ENT]
Tellar Prime                                             "Babel One" [ENT]
    (The Star Trek Star Charts and some fans propose 61 Cygni, a binary star
    consisting of  two Class K components, 11.4 lightyears
    from Sol to be the location of Tellar.  However, there
    has not been any on-screen reference concerning
    Tellar's location so far, but, as it is a Federation-
    founding member, it may well be within a radius of
    20 lightyears from Sol.)

1958:  There was a Tellarite freighter in early 1958 that picked up the distress call of a Vulcan ship
    that had crash landed on Earth, near Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. They passed this information
    onto the Vulcan High Command.       "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

2151:  Garos asks if a certain "fat Tellarite trader" tipped Archer off as to his operation.  Archer
    makes no reaction to the name.           "Civilization" [ENT]

spring, 2152:  After sending out a distress call, the Enterprise receives a response (in English) from a
    "Tellarite freighter" at extreme range.  They transmit the coordinates of an automated "repair station".
                                                             "Dead Stop" [ENT]

2153, Mar:  the Tellarite bounty hunter Skalaar, working for the Klingons, captured Jonathan Archer,
    captain of the Enterprise. However, he later helped him to escape from the Klingon ship. Skalaar's
    brother, Gaavrin, who worked on a space station at that time, used to run a freighter, the Tezra,
    together with him.                             "Bounty" [ENT]

2154, Nov 12:  The Enterprise NX-01 escorted a Tellarite delegation led by ambassador Gral to
    Babel to settle a long-standing trade dispute with the Andorians.  The original conference agenda
    covered only trade regulations for the sector. However, a Romulan plot to destabilize the region
    had the opposite effect and created a temporary Alliance among the Andorians, Vulcans, Humans,
    and Tellarites. The proceeding conference later helped bring peace to the strained Tellarite-Andorian
    relations.                                            "Babel One" [ENT], "United" [ENT]

 2155, a delegation of Tellarite ambassadors was sent to Earth to join in talks of forming an
Coalition of Planets. Minister Nathan Samuels joked that the new universal translators were
working a little too well when it came to talking to the Tellarites. (ENT: "Demons")

2161:  Tellar became a founding member of the United Federation of Planets along with Earth,
    Andoria and Vulcan.                            "Zero Hour" [ENT]
    As a result, the Tellarites held a seat on the Federation Council and served as Starfleet officers.
                                                                "The Voyage Home" [ST4], "Apocalypse Rising" [DS9]

2267:  the planet Coridan sought admission to the United Federation of Planets. However, due
to the wealth of dilithium available on Coridan and the presence of illegal mining operations,
Coridan's admission was a controversial subject between Tellarites and Vulcans. The Babel
Conference was convened to settle the matter and ultimately approved Coridan's admission.
Tellarite Ambassador Gav was among the delegates to the Babel Conference but was killed by an
Orion infiltrator in Andorian disguise onboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise.
                                                           "Journey to Babel" [TOS]

A Tellarite served on the ruling council of the pocket dimension Elysia, during the late 23rd century.
    It is unknown how long his species had been trapped in that universe.
                                                            "The Time Trap" [TAS]

ca. 2370s:  Tellarite freighters would occasionally conduct trade through starbase Deep Space 9.
                                                             "Shadowplay" [DS9]

Cargo Ship
 Tezra -  Class ship.  Captain Skalaar.  Impounded and canabalized by Klingons
                                                                 "Bounty" [ENT]

Unnamed -  Freighter (circa 1957) picked up the Vulcan's distress signal.
                                                                   "Carbon Creek" [ENT]

Unnamed -  Freighter told Enterprise where to find the alien repair station.
                                                                   "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Unnamed -  In 2154, a cargo vessel was attacked by the holographic drone during the Romulan attempt
    to disrupt the formation of an interplanetary accord.
    The vessel appeared identical to the Retellian freighter seen in "Precious Cargo" which may thus be
    a common type of freight ship.            "The Aenar" [ENT]

Unnamed -  In 2370, a Tellarite freighter made a stop at starbase Deep Space 9. Quark's cousin, Kono,
    beamed onto the ship as it was leaving, to avoid being arrested by station security.
                                                                "Shadowplay" [DS9]

Unnamed -  The small vessel of the Tellarite bounty hunter Skalaar, it was the size of a large shuttle
    with a longer central cargo area than was standard. To each side, just to the rear of the cockpit,
    were hatches that allowed docking with other vessels and egress on landing. At the stern were
    four green-glowing warpdrive exhausts, while sensor arrays were mounted on the flanks and at
    each side of the cockpit, ahead of the doors were weapons pods.
    In 2153, Skalaar captured Jonathan Archer to claim the Klingon bounty on him and buy back his
    freighter the Tezra. When the ship was damaged in a fire-fight with Kago-Darr, a rival bounty
    hunter, Archer helped to repair the vessel. He managed to persuade Skalaar that the Klingons had
    treated him unfairly in taking and stripping the Tezra. He agreed to lend Archer a lockpick to aid
    his escape and to contact Enterprise once he had claimed his reward.
                                                                  "Bounty" [ENT]

Unnamed -  Romulans projected a hologram of a Tellarite warship to fool the Andorians into thinking it
    was the Tellarites that destroyed two of their Kumari class ships.  The Tellarite ambassador made it
    clear however, that Andorian technology is more advanced than theirs and in reality one of their
    cruisers wouldn't have had a chance against two of the Andorian cruisers.  Type of vessel that Shran
    claimed had destroyed his Andorian cruiser. It later transpired that the attacker had been a Romulan
    drone disguised using holographic emitters.
    The cruiser had the same configuration as the Arkonian warship and Xindi-Arboreal cruiser. This
    may suggest some kind of trade link between the races or perhaps they had the same arms supplier.
                                                              "Babel One" [ENT]

    Tellarite ships use particle canons.    "Babel One" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Gaavrin (Ed O'Ross) -  male.  lived during the 22nd century.  He was the first officer on the Tezra, a
    freighter owned an operated by his brother Captain Skalaar under the authority
    of the Tellarite Mining Consortium. The ship was hauling fire salt when
    it crossed into Klingon territory as per Skalaar's orders.  It was immediately
    seized by the Klingon Empire. Gaavrin never forgave his brother for the
    loss of the ship. He got a job working on at a busy Space station scrubbing
    plasma conduits.  Skalaar went there to ask him for an antimatter injector.
    Gaavrin doesn't share Skalaar's dream of rebuilding the Tezra.
                                                                "Bounty" [ENT]

Gav (John Wheeler) - Ambassador Gav was a prominent Federation representitive from Tellar.
    In 2267, his mission was to represent Tellarite interests at the Babel Conference.
    He opposed the Coridan admission into the Federation due to the
    Tellarites mining interests on that planet. He was an outspoken
    opponent of his Vulcan counterpart, Ambassador Sarek.  Gav
    would later be killed by a Vulcan technique known as Tal Shaya.
    Ambassador Sarek was suspected but it was later revealed that
    Thelev, a member of the Andorian delegation was actually an Orion
    and was responsible for the murder.
                                            "Journey to Babel" [TOS]

Gral (Lee Arenberg) - Tellarite Ambassador.  He likes a good mud bath in the mornings.  During his
    race's conflicts with the Andorians he had participated in assaults on
    Andorian space.  In November 2154 he was the head of a delegation
    to the planet Babel to settle a trade disupute with the Andorians,
    under the auspices of the neutral Humans. Since Babel was on the
    far side of Andorian space from Tellar Prime, Gral and his delgation
    were transported by the NX-01 Enterprise. Gral was full of
    complaints during the voyage. For instance, he didn't want the
    Tellarite dishes Enterprise's chef prepared, but rather wanted to
    sample Earth delicacies.  His temprament was only worsened when
    Enterprise diverted to rescue the survivors of an attack on the Andorian Imperial Guard warship
    Kumari. Gral was indignant that the Andorians be on the same ship as him, especially when
    Kumari commander Shran revealed his ship had been attacked by a Tellarite vessel. Gral denied
    all knowledge of the attack, leading Shran to try to torture the information out of him. Fortunately
    for Gral, Enteprise security forces were able to intervene and separate the squabbling parties.
    Gral was instrumental in Captain Jonathan Archer's attempt to build a four-way alliance between
    the Humans, Andorians, and Vulcans to hunt a Romulan drone-ship; it was he who represented
    his people in the effort and provided the neccessarry communications codes to make the operation
    a success.  Afterwards, Gral and Shran participated in a discussion to take the place of the cancelled
    conference on Babel. He subsequently returned to Tellar on a transport ship.
                                                                "Babel One" [ENT], "United" [ENT]

Naarg (Kevin Brief) - November 2154 served as an assistant to Ambassador Gral at the first
    Babel Conference.  While being transported to Babel on the NX-01, an
    Andorian force led by Shran broke into the quarters of the Tellarite
    delegation in an attempt to extract information from Gral relating to
    the destruction of the Kumari. Though the situation was defused by
    Captain Jonathan Archer and a MACO squad, Naarg nevertheless
    grabbed a phase pistol and shot Talas, Commander Shran's lover.
    Talas eventually died of the phase pistol shot, causing Shran to
    challenge Naarg to the Ushaan, a duel to the death. Fortunately for
    Naarg, Captain Archer invoked the right of substitution and duelled
    in his place.                     "Babel One" [ENT], "United" [ENT]

Shallash - The second Tellarite liberator.  Archer mispronounced his name as "Challash" but asked Sato
    to correct him so he could use it in his speech for the ceremony starting the Federation Alliance.
                                                                 "These are the Voyages" [ENT]

Skalaar (Jordan Lund) - a Tellarite captain turned bounty hunter who operated in the 2150s.
    He owned and commanded a ship, the Tezra. He and his brother Gaavrin
    used the ship to work for the Tellarite Mining Consortium. Skalaar
    retrofitted the ships engines himself. The Tezra was seized by the
    Klingon Empire after Skalaar crossed into Klingon territory whilst
    hauling fire salt. He became a bounty hunter to pay the impound
    fee. However, the ship had been cannibalized by the Klingons
    several years earlier.        "Bounty" [ENT]

Unnamed Tellarite (Gary Downey) -                                "Whom Gods Destroy" [TOS]


Unnamed Memory Alpha Researcher -     "Lights of Zetar" [TOS]


Unnamed Officer - The helm officer who served under Captain Laporin was Tellarite.
                                                              "Apocalypse Rising" [DS9]

Unnamed Tellarite - Seen in the Federation Council chambers.
                          "The Voyage Home" [ST4]

Unnamed Tellarite -                           "The Final Frontier" [ST5]


Terev  -  A Mirror-Universe Tellarite serving in the command division aboard the Terran Empire
    starship Enterprise in 2155.   He was the test subject for a demonstration
    of the new agony booth by Major Reed and Phlox.  Reed was
    uncertain of the nature of Terev's transgression, believing he was
    late for a duty shift, but noted that  "... all Tellarites are guilty
    of something."              "In a Mirror, Darkly" [ENT]


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