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A somewhat primitive species that is no more evolved than humans, from sector 3641.  They were no
    threat until around 2151 when they become involved with a mysterious figure from the future which
    has given them genetic manipulation technology in exchange for their service in a temporal cold war.
    They are obsessed with genetic enhancement. Their DNA is still recognizable as Suliban but their
    genome has been changed enough to support an altered anatomy.  Some of their enhancements include -
    Compound Retinas, subcutaneous pigment sacks, 5 lobed lungs (their lungs normally have 3) with
    aveoli clusters designed to process different atmospheres.
                                                            "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    Suliban genetic enhancements can be removed; in particular, enhanced vision.  (Silik undergoes surgery
    in a fuzzy-time room while a fuzzy-figure watches, as punishment for not succeeding with the Klingon
    civil war gambit.); The Suliban can evade most sensors. They can turn invisible like a JemHadar.
                                                            "Cold Front" [ENT]

    1851 - The Suliban homeworld became uninhabitable 300 years ago; Most Suliban are now nomadic.
                                                            "Detained" [ENT]
    2143 - The Cabal began its attacks on Tandarans about 8 years earlier.  The "Tandarans" immediately
        suspected all Suliban living in their territory.  In the early days of the war, 14 innocents were killed
        in one day.  Soon, thousands were rounded up and placed in Detention Centers spread across the
        worlds of the "Tandar Sector".
                                                            "Detained" [ENT]
    2151 - 2 Suliban soldiers crash in Broken Bow, Oklahoma in pursuit of a Klingon.
        Enterprise detours to "Rigel Ten", and meets with rebel leader, Sarin.
                                                            "Broken Bow" [ENT]
        Silik infiltrated Enterprise, disguised as a "Borothan pilgrim".
                                                            "Cold Front" [ENT]

Cell-ships - must have two docking ports, since three of them attach in a line to Ent's starboard port, and
    long lines of them trail from the Helix.  The helical design of their bases suggests that they may have three.
          Small "cell-ship" [ ? ]
          + ENT "Broken Bow"
          Small "cell-ship"
          Captured by Enterprise
          + ENT "Broken Bow"
          (confirmed on-board and in-use)
          + ENT "The Communicator"
          Small "cell-ship" [ 5 ]
          Destroyed in Aggregate Station break down
          + ENT "Broken Bow"
          Small "cell-ship"
          + ENT "Cold Front"
          Small "cell ship"
          Destroyed by Enterprise
          + ENT "Future Tense"
          Small "cell ship" [ 6 ]
          Destroyed by Tholians
          + ENT "Future Tense"
          Small "cell-ship" [ 15 ]
          + ENT "The Expanse"

          Ship [ 4 ]
          + ENT "Detained"

          "Cell-ships" [ 30+ ]
          + ENT "Shockwave"
          "Cell-ships" [ 35 ]
          + ENT "Shockwave, Part II"

Tractor-ships - are about four times as long as a cell ship, a flattened hexagon in cross-section, with
    tapered ends.  There are three hexagonal docking ports: two lateral amidships, and one on the nose.
          Long "cell-ship" [ ? ]
          + ENT "Broken Bow"
          Long "cell ship" [ 2 ]
          Destroyed by Tholians
          + ENT "Future Tense"
          Long "cell-ship" [ 4 ]
          + ENT "The Expanse"

Stealth Cruiser -  Disabled by Enterprise.
                                                                 "Shockwave" [ENT]

Freighter -  Destroyed by Tholians
          + ENT "Future Tense"

Helix -  Aggregate station
          + ENT "Shockwave, Part II"

Individuals of Note:
Danik (Dennis Christopher) - A prisoner at Dentention Complex 26.  His grandfather had settled
    on Tandara Prime.  Danik was born there in the same town as Major Klev, the Tandaran guard at
    the Complex.  He even played with Klev's brother.  Danik had been director of  research at an
    engineering institute in "Querella Province", but when the Suliban Cabal started staging attacks, he
    was relocated to the detention complex.  His daughter remained with him, but his wife was separated
    from him during the relocation.  Her transfer requests to his complex were also constantly denied.
    When Captain Archer and Ensign Mayweather were held in the Detention Center, he conspired
    with them to help liberate the camp.
                                                                "Detained" [ENT]

Narra (Jessica D. Stone) -  Daughter of Danik who was also a prisoner at Detention Complex 26.
    On Tandar Prime other children taunted her with racist nursery rhymes about the Suliban.
                                                                "Detained" [ENT]

Sajen - Sajen is keeping a journal.

Sarin (Melinda Clarke)- A Suliban female who left the Cabal because she felt the price of
    evolution was too high. She was the head of a Suliban resistance cell.  She sent
    a message via Klaang to the Klingon High Council revealing a Suliban
    plot to cause a civil war within the Empire.  She has the ability to
    measure trust when in close contact with people.  She kissed Archer
    to see if he could be trusted.  After assuring herself he could be, she
    then gave him information about the Suliban's involvement in a
    temporal cold war.  Unfortunately, she was killed by the Suliban agents in a firefight at the trade
    complex at Rigel ten, but managed to help the Enterprise crew to escape.
                                                               "Broken Bow" [ENT], "Detained" [ENT]

Silik (John Fleck) - One of the leaders of the Suliban, a deadly species obsessed with genetic enhancement.
                                     "Broken Bow" [ENT]; "Cold Front" [ENT]


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