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Subspace amplifier-     The subspace amplifier is cylindrical in form.  In stowed form, two semi-
Subspace Amplifier    cylindrical panels [solar collectors? radiators?] wrap around a narrow
    lower cylinder, which is topped by a wider upper cylinder, then a dish
    antenna.  After deployment, the panels hinge out on arms (and remain
    parallel to the main body), and the dish pivots downward.  It is dropped
    while in normal space, from a circular port, possibly built for this
    express purpose, on the underside of the port "pontoon".
                               "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

    As part of its mission, the Ent deploys its first "subspace amplifier"
    in order to improve communications.
    Since an amp can improve communications such that the ship can hear earth better, even when dropped
    right next to the ship, it cannot be just a simple repeater-type relay buoy...  A repeater relay ought to make
    a difference only if it sits somewhere between the transmitter and the receiver, not if it's next to one of them.
    Thus it would seem that in the 22nd century a ship can not function as its own relay station.  Also that the
    amplifier can not be activated aboard ship, but has to be dumped overboard to function.  Perhaps the
    engines or other ship's technology creates some interference or maybe the amplifier generates a
    dangerous radiation field.  Still, these amplifiers are probably the forerunners of the manned relay stations
    we've seen in "Aquiel" [TNG].            "Fortunate Son" [ENT]
    Enterprise drops "Echo Two", a subspace amplifier in a "clean launch" 100 lightyears from earth, it very
    quickly makes contact with "Echo One".  Archer asks how long before subspace is on line, to which
    Hoshi replies that it will take about an hour since she wants to send some test transmissions to
    "calibrate" the amplifiers.  Realtime video communication with earth is seen to be possible at this
    distance.  Both amps were both destroyed by unknown aliens.  Two days travel at maximum warp
    got the Enterprise back to a position where they could relaunch another amplifier.  Ignoring the wf^3
    formula, the trip back would appear to be approximately fifteen light years, since that is how long and
    how far the sidetrip to Rigel was for them in "Broken Bow".    This figure agrees with the 22ly range
    for unboosted subspace transmissions given by the TNG:TM and may be smaller because the
    technology in Enterprise" might not be as advanced.This would also mean that there should be an
    already existing comm-net extending out from earth in the direction of Enterprise at least 60 lightyears,
    and possibly further.                        "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

Subspace buoy - In the alternate future, T'Pol received a message from Starfleet that was relayed through
    a Subspace buoy.                               "Twilight" [ENT]

Subspace Corridor - The Enterprise had to take a subspace corridor which allowed them to travel very
    quickly across 11.6 light years and get to the Xindi council in time to stop the weapon.  Ships can only
    travel through it in one direction.  The entry side of the Corridor is inside a nebula which is guarded by
    Kovaalans.  The exit is patrolled by Reptilian ships so Degra had to meet Enterprise there as an escort.
    When they went through originally, the trip only took a few seconds, but the NX-01's impulse wake
    destabilized the corridor causing it to shift in time.  The Enterprise was displaced into the past 117 years.
                                                              "E2" [ENT]

<>Subspace displacement field - The nacells contain the warp coils which produce the subspace displacement
    field.  The warp reactor is also called the gravimetric field displacement manifold, so a subspace field might
    be related to a gravimetric field.
                                                             "Cold Front" [ENT]

Subspace field - While testing the NX-Alpha, the subspace field destabilized at warp 2.2 right before
    the ship's destruction.                       "First Flight" [ENT]

Subspace frequencies - Trip in an attempt to distract the alien computer complains of distortion in
    the high-band subspace frequencies.   "Dead Stop" [ENT]

Subspace implosion - Phlox consulted with the finest neurosurgeons and quantum physicists, who
    concluded there was no way to destroy the interspatial parasites that had infected Captain Archer,
    short of vaporizing him in a subspace implosion.  When they decide to create one, T'Pol says they
    would need to overload three plasma injectors, thereby triggering a "feedback pulse" through the
    reactor.  (If they triggered a subspace implosion with the warp core, why did the visual show ENT
    blow up slowly, starting with the forward saucer section?  Was the implosion a relatively small
    event, triggering non-engine explosions elsewhere -- perhaps related to combat damage?)>
                                                                  "Twilight" [ENT]

<>Subspace noise - Mayweather tells a ghost story in which a possessed crewman seals himself inside a
    lifepod and ejects himself into space.  According to the story, "When the subspace noise is real low
    some com officers say they can still hear the echo of his distress call."
                                              "Strange New World" [ENT]

Subspace Transceiver Array - SEE: Transceiver


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