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Sphere Builders.

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The Sphere-builders are from a trans-dimensional realm.
The future guy who directs the Suliban claimed that they were from the future but that they could only
communicate through time.  However, it appears that they can send objects back through time.  One of
the components used in the Xindi probe-weapon was from 420 years in the future.  That would mean the
Sphere-builders are probably from around the year 2573.
                                                                "The Expanse" [ENT]

The Sphere-builders are one of the factions in the Temporal Cold War.
                                                                "The Expanse" [ENT]
They have an awareness of multiple timelines.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT]
However, they can only detect large fluctuations in the timescape.  The fine details are obscured.  For
    example, it was not possible for them to extract the launch codes for the Xindi weapon from the past.
                                                                 "Countdown" [ENT]
The Sphere-Builders saved the Xindi from extinction.  When their homeworld was destroyed, the
Sphere-builders began appearing to the survivors.  They'd guide them to habitable planets.  Show
them the location of valuable resources.  They're practically worshipped by the Xindi who call
them "The Guardians."                            "The Council" [ENT]

circa 2150:  Xindi council are told by the trans-dimensional Sphere Builders that their world would be
    destroyed by humans 400 years in the future.
                                                                "The Expanse" [ENT]

Technology and Weapons:
The Spheres -
    A Sphere was located beyond a cloaking field in the Expanse. The sphere was 19 km in diameter,
    nearly 1000 years old, and was constructed entirely of a single alloy.  Its opening is comprised of poly-
    duranium  (the same substance as on the hull of the Osarian ship - perhaps the Osarians added the hatch?)
    Itsí interior contains modules that have breathable atmospheres.  It contains 7 fusion reactors, each one
    almost 12 km long, but only three are still operational. The sphere emits massive amounts of gravimetric
    energy and is thought by to TíPol to be the cause of the anomalies.
                                                             "Anomaly" [ENT]
    The Expanse might contain as many as fifty gravimetric spheres, meaning that someone may have created
    the Expanse for some unknown purpose.
                                                              "Exile" [ENT]
    Tucker and Mayweather finish scanning a Sphere, finding it identical to "the other two" to the smallest
    features.  The spheres are surrounded by cloaking barriers that can adversely affect ship's systems.
    This new data permits T'Pol to better map the anomalies, and with it she calculates the exact number
    of Spheres which turns out to be 59.  The spheres are venerated by a religious order from the planet
    Triannon.  All the data (19.3 XB) that had been collected on these spheres by Enterprise was erased by
    D'Jamat, leader of a group of Triannons that hijacked the Enterprise.
                                                               "Chosen Realm" [ENT]
    T'Pol and Hoshi managed to reconstruct 30% of the sphere database from the redundant memory core.
                                                               "Proving Ground" [ENT]
    The Spheres are controlled by a network of artificial intelligence.  There is a redundant memory core
    which should contain a significant amount of information, presumably including data on the Sphere-
    Builders.  The Xindi have been studying the Spheres for decades.  There are exhaust vents that are
    big enough to fly a shuttlepod through, but they are camoflaged by some kind of hologram to look
    like part of the solid Sphere's surface.  One of the exhaust conduits leads to the area of the redundant
    memory core after maneuvers of 60 degrees starboard and 80 degrees Z-axis.
                                                                "The Council" [ENT]
    The spheres are connected by a subspace energy grid.  But four of the spheres appear to be integral to
    that connection, acting as control spheres allowing the network to operate in concert.  If one is damaged
    it could disrupt the entire grid.  They have an interspatial manifold on their surface which they use to
    connect the spheres.  The closest "control sphere" to Enterprise's position was designated as Sphere 41.
    A deflector pulse of sufficient power can be used to disrupt the subspace links.
                                                               "Countdown" [ENT]
    Certain of the spheres are controled by others such as Sphere 41 which the Sphere-builders call a
    "primary sphere".  They increased the transformation of space around this sphere in an unsuccessful
    attempt to protect it from an attack by the Enterprise.  Enterprise needed to get within a kilometer of
    the surface of the sphere to destroy it.
                                                               "Zero Hour" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
unnamed Sphere-builder (Josette DiCarlo) -

unnamed Sphere-builder Presage (Mary Mara) -

unnamed Sphere-builder Primary (Ruth Williamson) -

unnamed Test Subject (Thomas Kopache) - When Enterprise came across a massive convergence of
    anomalies an alien pod is found inside. They rescue the pod's dying occupant, and Phlox attempts
    treatment while Archer tries to learn what he was doing, unaware that this alien has a hidden motive.
                                                                "Harbinger" [ENT]
    He was adrift in a trans-dimensional disturbance; inside a pod, which was constructed of the same
    combination of alloys that make up the outer shell of the Spheres.  In short, he was a Sphere-Builder.
    Working with Dr. Phlox, Degra managed to create a biometric hologram of the alien in order to convince
    the Aquatic-Xindi of Archer's claims.   "The Council" [ENT]


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