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Silent Enemy.

ALIENS are definitely not Romulans, even if they have a bird-shaped ship with green lights and eschew visual ship-to-ship
    communications.  They're tall and skinny, with long, three-segment legs (a forward knee,
    then backward; something like a horse).  They have blunt, onion-shaped heads with eye
    sockets, each of which has an eye on a short stalk which can move horizontally; but no
    apparent noses or mouths.  Their suits seem to include forcefield-based helmets.

SHIP is shaped something like a flattened F/A-117 aircraft, grey in color with green engine accents.  There's a narrow,
    wedge-shaped central mainbody, with two cranked-delta wings, in down-dihedrals;
    their tips extend forward beyond the mainbody.  Each meets the mainbody at a long
    narrow notch of irregular shape.  There's a horizontal green feature on each leading edge.
    Aft, there are two impulse? exhausts, also green, at the wing roots.  When going to warp,
    it leaves a green-tinged trail.  The mainbody has a shuttle launch bay on its upper aft
    extreme, lit internally also green.

Weapons fire emerges from the mainbody's forward tip.  A volley consists of two green horizontal boomerang-shapes,
    which can be angled substantially off-center.  The aliens can remotely shut off a ship's power, and open its launch bays.

SHUTTLE is shaped something like a toenail clipper, with a long upper slab angling down from tail to nose, and joined to
    a shorter horizontal slab.  There's an elongated ellipsoidal canopy atop the upper slab.  It's about the size of an Enterprise
    shuttle pod; it can fit in a launch bay.

Historical Events:  August to September 2151  Reed notes an alien ship "dropping out of warp" at "12 km"; he is unable
    to make any readings on sensors.  He reads no biosigns, propulsion or weapon signatures.  T'pol claims not to recognize
    it.  It ignores Archer's message, then goes to warp.  Archer wonders where the ship is from, and T'pol claims there are
    no inhabited systems nearby.
    The alien ship drops out of warp 500km dead ahead of Enterprise.  Travis has to reverse the engines to keep from
    bumping into it.  Ent is scanned, with a piercing noise.  It fires two volleys of two boomerang-bolts at Ent, and leaves.
    Reed reports that its shielding dropped for 2-sec while firing, and he detected at least 15 "bio-signs".  T'pol claims there
    is no "DNA" match in the "database".
    The alien ship approaches the in-warp Ent from behind.  They were first noticed at 8000m and when the distance closed
    to 6000m, warp drive mysteriously goes off line.  "Main power" goes down, and the outer doors to launchbay 2 open
    and can't be overridden.  Tactical systems go down about the same time as they loose lighting and are forced to use
    flashlights.  An alien shuttle enters "Launch Bay Two" (vacant).  Two aliens board Enterprise and attack two of its
    crewmen.  They perform invasive scans on them.  The alien shuttle leaves, and the ship
    fires a single two-boomerang volley at the port nacelle.  An orange explosion erupts.
    It goes dark.  T'Pol reports they are venting drive plasma.  Tucker reports that the
    warp drive will take a couple of days to fix.  In Sick Bay, Phlox examines the two
    crewmen (both red-stripe male brunettes), who were subjected to "invasive scans"
    from which "residual neural damage" may result.  Archer demands info from T'pol,
    even if it's classified; she claims to know of no aliens who use such techniques.

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