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Appearance: Risans are 99%-human-looking, with no odd bumps.  Both males and females wear a
    marking above the bridge of the nose: an inch-wide white circle with a black "W"-shaped glyph.

Homeplanet: The planet Risa it's about 90-Ly away from Earth.  Sol can be seen through a telescope
    in the Risan sky right below a bright blue star.  Risa has at
    least two moons, both white in color, one
    appearing larger than the other from the surface.
                     "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]
    It is about a 9 day trip from the Mazarite system, and is
    tropical with an abundance of pristine beaches.
                     "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
    Risa also has at least two suns.
    It has a weather grid and seismic regulators, both of which
    are an essential part of Risa's functioning since the planet
    in its natural state is a rain-soaked, geologically unstable
    jungle.        "Let He Who is Without Sin..." [DS9]
    The weather (in February 2152) was idyllic during the visit
    of the NX-01 meaning that most likely a weather grid was
    also in place prior to this date.
    There are cliffs at "Galartha", which change slope as you
   climb them .  (Perhaps the seismic regulators are not used
    in this location, or perhaps they are used specifically to
    change the slope of the cliffs here.)
                             "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]
    Suraya bay - A place on Risa where Archer was looking
        forward to spending his shore leave.  There are villas built
        right into the cliffs there.
                                                                                                   "Desert Crossing" [ENT]
    Flora and Fauna: The "Risan sea turtle" is a camouflaged creature found on beaches and
    under the surf.                                  "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]


    Risa is populated by a humanoid culture receptive to
    "easing tension."  There are over 200 registered Nuvian
    masseuses on Risa, (they have 12 fingers on each hand.)
                                           "Fallen Hero" [ENT]
    There is a "Festival of the Moons".
    The crew (presumably quoting from the Vulcan Database)
    describes Risa as "cosmopolitan", and there are representatives
    of several alien species hanging about.  It describes a club
    from which "no one leaves unsatisfied" that Reed and Tucker
    visited -- Although they were the victims of a mugging in that
    particular club, the Vulcan database claims that crime is very
    rare on Risa.
                                "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]
    A Horga'hn is a statue of a Risian fertility symbol; To display
    a Horga'hn on Risa signals to the natives that one is seeking jamaharon, a Risan sexual rite.
                                                              "Let He Who is Without Sin..." [DS9]
    Care should be taken with this practice, as jamaharon has been known to be fatal to those with a
    weak heart.  Curzon Dax died via jamaharon.
    Risian perfume was given by Dax to Lenara.
                                                              "Rejoined" [DS9]
    Quark tried to interest Arissa in seeing his collection of Risian tapestries.
                                                               "A Simple Investigation" [DS9]

sara(sp)      = "thank you"
tak lunat(sp) = "good night"
ikara(sp)     = "hello"
shikara N(sp) = "my name is N"

2152, Feb:  An orange colored "Minaran spinach" was picked up on Risa, which the crew considers inedible.
                                                             "Singularity" [ENT]
2366: Captain Picard vacationed in Risa, where he met the archaeologist Vash in search of the Tox Uthat.
                                                             "Captain's Holiday" [TNG]
2367: Geordi LaForge was scheduled to attend an artificial-intelligence seminar on Risa.  LaForge was
    kidnapped by Romulans en route to the conference.
                                                               "The Mind's Eye" [TNG]
2368: Riker, who was very fond of Risa, vacationed there again, when he met a beautiful woman named
    Etana Jol, who was actually a Ktaran operative who introduced him to an addictive game designed to
    control the minds of all those who used it.  She was seeking to infiltrate Starfleet.
                                                             "The Game" [TNG]
2373: Dax, Worf, Bashir, Leeta, and Quark went there for a vacation.
    The planet was targeted by New Essentialists who saw the resort there as representing the sloth
    and self-indulgence that would destroy the Federation.  Worf aided them at first in deactivating the
    planet's weather grid, but drew the line when Fullerton, their leader, proceeded to disrupt the planet's
    artificial seismic stability.               "Let He Who Is Without Sin..." [DS9]

Individuals of Note:
Arandis (Vanessa Williams) - One-time lover of Curzon Dax. In fact, she was the one who "killed" him,
    with jamaharon in 2367.  She and Jadzia Dax were reunited when Dax vacationed
    on Risa with Worf, Bashir, Leeta, and Quark.  Arandis had been
    promoted to Chief Facilitator of the entire Temtibi lagoon resort
    area. Worf was jealous of Dax's friendship with her.
                "Let He Who is Without Sin..." [DS9]

Risan couple


Dee'Ahn (DonnaMarie Recco, Geoff Meed) - Alien that masqueraded as a beautiful woman with
    his friend known as Latia.
    They seduced Malcolm Reed and Charles Tucker into going into a basement where they mugged them.
                                                            "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]



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