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The actual star Rigel, also known as Beta Orionis, is a bright supergiant star, visible from Earth as one
    of the "legs" in the constellation Orion (the hunter).  From this name -"Orionis" it is commonly
    assumed that the Orion pirates and any reference to Orion, e.g. the 'Orion syndicate' is referring to
    the Rigellians.  Also the DS9 tech manual refers to Starbase 134 being there so this seems the most
    likely place for the Rigel cup contest.
[ See Also: Orion ]

The Rigel System:
"One of the most densely populated areas" of known space
                                                             "The Doomsday Machine [TOS]
Dr. Phlox has it on good authority that the Rigelians are a multi-gender species with four or possibly
    five sexes.                                          "Cogenitor" [ENT]

   Rigel II: A resort world noted for its casinos and gambling facilities.  Leonard McCoy met two scantily
        clad women in a chorus line at a cabaret there.  The pair was recreated from McCoy's imagination in
        2267 on the amusement park planet in the Omicron Delta region.
                                                             "Shore Leave" [TOS]
   Rigel III:                                          "All Good Things..." [TNG]
   Rigel IV: Site of serial killings of women in 2266.  These murders were attributed to an unknown
        individual called Beratis, which was later learned to be a malevolent energy creature who left Rigel IV
        in the body of Mr. Hengist, who traveled to the planet Argelius II, where he committed more murders
        using a knife from the Argus River region of Rigel IV.
                                                             "Wolf in the Fold" [TOS]
        A brilliant astronomer with a fondness for Lwaxana Troi resided on Rigel IV.  He named a star after
        Lwaxana, or so she claimed.           "Half a Life" [TNG]
        The Class M Federation world of this large system, populated by native humanoids, hosts a hydroponics
        conference attended by Keiko O'Brien, who was gone from Deep Space Nine over a week.  There is also
        a pergium ore processing facility there.  Shipment destroyed by Jem'Hadar enroute to Rigel IV.
                                                             "Prodigal Daughter" [DS9]
        Keiko was attending a hydroponics conference there.
                                                            "The Wire" [DS9]
   Rigel V: The race inhabiting this world are physiologically similar to Vulcans.  An experimental drug was
        tested here to see if the production of blood elements in a humanoid body could be accelerated.   Spock
        suggested this drug might be useful for Ambassador Sarek during a critical heart operation.
                                                            "Journey to Babel" [TOS]
   Rigel VI It is the site of the annual Rigel Cup flight formation competition, which draws the premier
        flight teams from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
                                                             "The First Duty" [TNG]
   Rigel VII: The site of a violent conflict in 2254 involving Enterprise crew personnel under the
        command of Captain Christopher Pike and the humanoid inhabitants of that planet, a warrior class
        known as the Kaylar. In 2254 a landing party of three Enterprise crew members, including Pike's
        yeoman, were killed, and seven Starfleet guests were assaulted and injured in a terrorist attack
        while on shore leave at an abandoned Kaylar fortress.  The incident, which Pike later blamed on
        his own carelessness, took place just prior to the Enterprise's first mission to planet Talos IV.
        The matte painting of the Rigel VII fortress seen in Pike's Talosian illusion was later reused as
        Flint's castle in "Requiem for Methuselah" (TOS)
                                                              "The Cage" [TOS];  "The Menagerie, part 2" [TOS]
        A double planet amid the well-populated Rigel system whose primary planet's culture has
        reached the computer era in only the last century since it was home to a medieval people in just
        the mid-2250s.  In the 2360's Kobliad criminal Rao Vantika caused computer systems on
        Rigel VII to crash, by erasing the planetary computer's active memory using a subspace shunt,
        similar to the one he used in 2369 on station Deep Space 9.
                                                             "The Passenger" [DS9]
        It is also the origin of some of the galaxy's deadliest diseases such as:
        Rigellian fever -                         "Requiem for Methuselah" [TOS]
            Cwn.Fisher contracted "Rigellian fever" while on "Tessik Prime" a month earlier.  Phlox innoculated
            the entire crew, using genetically-altered microbes that should survive for several weeks, and thrive
            on "isolytic energy".                    "Dead Stop" [ENT]

        Kassaba fever (this may not be an actual disease but only have been made up by McCoy)
                                                             "By Any Other Name" [TOS]
   Rigel X: An icy planet that was Klaang's last stop before crashing on Earth. The Enterprise visited this
        planet in search of Klaang and received information from a Suliban named Sarin.  When it was first
        mentioned Archer did not seem to be familiar with the name Rigel.
                                                              "Broken Bow" [ENT]
   Rigel XII: Barely habitable class-M planet, racked by fierce storms.  Site of a small lithium mining
        operation headed by Ben Childress.  The Enterprise visited the mining station in 2266 to obtain
        needed lithium crystals to restore operation of the ship's engines.  (Because this planet was supposed
        to be remote... it is possible that this one is not in the same system as the others.  Its home star may
        be a completely different "Rigel.")
                                                              "Mudd's Women" [TOS]

2154:  Two Rigellians are attacked on Earth -- a result of the xenophobia caused by the Xindi incident.
                                                                "Home" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Lora (Majel Barrett) -  Name of a Rigelian hypnoid, a quadruped reptile that took on the form of this
    attractive humanoid female to convince potential customers of the effect of his love crystals. Spock
    exposed the charade with a phaser burst at the being.
                                                                "Mudd’s Passion" [TAS]


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