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Reed, Malcom (Dominic Keeting) -
Malcom Reed Rank: Lieutenant
    Assignment: Armory Officer, Enterprise NX-01

    Marital status: Single
    Birthday:  September 2nd.
                                        "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    He was an eagle scout and had 28 merit badges, including the one for exobiology.
                                        "Rogue Planet" [ENT]

before 2141:
    Malcolm goes a week without eating.  Over ten years before 2151.
                                        "Silent Enemy" [ENT]

2143:  The last time Reed sees his family for about 10 yrs.
                                        "Horizon" [ENT]

2147:   Reed has been working on a force field/shield.  Starfleet has been researching an E/M barrier
    (force field)  "for the last five years".  The dating presumes Reed became interested in this technology
    about the same time.                         "Vox Sola" [ENT]

10 Jan 2153:  Its been nearly 10 years since Reed has seen his family.
                                                               "Horizon" [ENT]

2161:  Reed planned to stay with Archer after the signing of the Federation Charter.
                                                               "These are the Voyages" [ENT]

    Parents: Stewart and Mary Reed.
    His parents live in Kata Baharu, Malaysia and seem very British.  They say that Malcolm has never
    been comfortable making requests, and so don't know what his favorite food is.  Reed hasn't "called
    home" since he was assigned to Enterprise in San Francisco, and his parents didn't know he was the
    Armory officer.  He comes from a long line of Naval men, and his father is apparently a bit miffed
    that he's broken the naval (Royal Navy) tradition of Reed men, by joining Starfleet and going into
    space.                                                 "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    Alienated most of his life, even from his parents, he now considers the Enterprise crew as family.
                                                               "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]
    Other Relatives:
        Grandfather - was an ordinance officer.
        Younger sister - Madeline Reed.
        Uncle Arch - he was contacted by Hoshi when she was trying to find out his favorite food.
        and two spinster aunts (aunt Sherry  is one).

Friends:  Mark Latrelle

Romances: Maureen; Reed thinks that men and women who serve closely together on a starship should
        not become involved and got a bit flustered when he thought Hoshi was propositioning him.
                                                           "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
        Ruby the waitress, Deborah, Rochelle, Catelin.
                                                            "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]

Likes and Dislikes: He has read "Ulysses" by James Joyce, and thinks that British schools are better than
    American ones because of their "core curriculum".  He thinks comic books and science fiction novels
    are rediculous.
    His favorite food is pineapple.       "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]
    He is used to the finer things in life and does not fair when deprived of them.
                                                           "The Catwalk" [ENT]
    Reed doesn't much follow "football" (soccer) or any other sport.
                                                           "Minefield" [ENT]

Medical File:
    Alergies: dust mites, oak, pollen, tropical grasses, and bromelin.  He's been taking injections so that he
        can tolerate bromelin in his favorite food (pineapple).
                                                            "Shuttlepod One" [ENT]
    Contains a notation about an 'unfortunate incident' in Zero G training, which was taken at Lunaport.
        He says the Simulator is known to Starfleet trainees as the Vomitorium.
                                                            "The Catwalk" [ENT]


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