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Captain Archer's pet dog, a beagle.

Porthos is played by more than one female 13 inch Beagles -
Phaedra / Prada
In Season 1, the original dog was Phaedra(sometimes refered to as Prada)... but she left after the Risa
Breezy (the current lead Porthos) was the backup dog in the first season and took over completely after
    Phaedra/Prada left...
Wendi was in training up untill Season 3 and the other dog in the troup is named Zoe.  Wendi is used
    in the laying down scenes while Breezy does all the action scenes (Barking, walking around)...  In
    "A Night In Sick Bay" and "Doctor's Order" it was all Breezy.

Porthos    The mother of one of Archer's old girlfriends had a beagle that Archer was crazy
    about.  Even after Archer and her daughter broke up, Archer stayed in contact
    with her.  When the dog got pregnant Archer was the first one she called.
    Porthos was one of four males in the litter, which were named after the four
    Muskateers from the series of novels by Alexandre Dumas, the 19th century
    French author.  Porthos, in the novel, was the faithful companion who was
    more brawn than brains and concerned about his image and social station.  Archer's had him since he
    was 6-weeks old.                          "A Night in Sickbay" [ENT]
    When he's not in the captain's quarters, Porthos can usually be found in the ready room.
                                "Broken Bow" [ENT]
    Sometimes he can be seen following Archer around the ship.
                                                              "Silent Enemy" [ENT]
    He's even seen in Landing parties.       "Strange New World" [ENT]
    Porthos likes to eat cheddar cheese but he and cheddar "don't get along".
                                                              "Fight or Flight" [ENT]
    He has even had to see the doctor on one occassion because of some GI distress caused by eating
        too much cheese.                           "Dear Doctor" [ENT]
    Porthos can apparently detect cloaked Suliban.  He stayed with Capt. Archer after Silik stunned
        him unconscious.                            "Cold Front" [ENT]
    He can also seem to detect other alien creatures.  One woke him up from a nap, which he barked
        at through the wall.                       "Vox Sola" [ENT]
    Porthos appeared to be unaffected by the Ferengi stun gas which worked on humans, Vulcans, and
        Denobulans.  The Ferengi, Grish, having gone to the captain's quarters searching for the ship's vault,
        tried asking Porthos for its location.  "It's a lower lifeform, you fool.   Probably the captain's next
        meal," sneered Muk.  Grish, impressed by the size of Porthos' ears, wasn't so sure.  Muk, thinking
        that he might make a profit by selling him to the Malurzian zoo, locked Porthos inside a cargo
        container.                                        "Acquisition" [ENT]
    Porthos vacationed with Archer on Risa.   While there he had an encounter with a rather ugly looking
        Chinese Crested dog named Rhylo which somehow made its way onto the balcony of Archer's hotel
        room. His growling caught Archer's attention.
                                                                "Two Days and Two Nights" [ENT]
    When Archer had to leave the Enterprise to keep it from being destroyed, he left Porthos in the care
        of Hoshi with instructions not to feed him any cheese.
                                                                "Shockwave" [ENT]
    Porthos picked up a pathogen on the surface of the Kreetassan homeworld.  None of the decon agents
        tried was able to eliminate it.  In Sickbay, Porthos was isolated in a glove-equipped box.  His auto-
        immune system was collapsing and Porthos eventually went  into anaphylactic shock.  After being
        treated, Porthos' immune system recovered, but his pituitary gland was damaged.  Phlox decided to
        transplant the gland from a "Calrissian Chameleon", the DNA of which had been altered to avoid
        rejection.  The operation was successful and Porthos was saved.
                                                                "A Night in Sickbay" [ENT]

Likes and Dislikes:
    Porthos likes to eat cheddar cheese but he and cheddar "don't get along".
                                                              "Fight or Flight" [ENT]
    Phlox believes that his favorite food is chicken liver.  He even put grated cheddar on it to make it more
        appetizing.  However Porthos wasn't hungry (probably due to Archer being missing, and presumed
        dead by the crew.)  At first Phlox wanted to try singing him a Denobulan lullaby, but then decided
        to try to go see if he might be able to get a nice, thick steak from Chef in order to tempt Porthos to eat.
                                                                "Storm Front, part 1" [ENT]


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