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Face:  C-ridges above and around the eyes.

they are from the Alpha Quadrant.

The Osaarians are known to the Vulcan Data Base, but not well: they have a large merchant fleet, but no
    history of piracy.

Merchant Ship:
Structure:  In planform, the ship is similar to Voyager: that is, it has a spoon / trowel shape.  The hull
    is a tan-gold and made of polyduranium,   A square-segmented spine runs from nose to tail.
Propulsion:  cyan-lit engine features,  Two ovoid nacelles are underslung / integrated into the forward
    hull; there are three (impulse?) nacelles aft: one atop the hull, the other two on short pylons to
    other side.
Weapons:  cyan weapons bolts.  A pair of angular features are affixed to each outer edge of the forward
    hull, but weapons fire emerges from beneath the nose.
Transporter VFX: a silohuette of the transportee (TOS-style), in blue with criss-cross patterns.

One Merchant ship was destroyed in the thermobaric cloud barrier of the Expanse.  The other was
trapped in the Expanse and became a pirate ship.  It was disabled by the Enterprise.
                                                                "Anomaly" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Orgoth (Robert Rusler) -


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