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The real life star Rigel, also known as Beta Orionis, is a bright supergiant star, visible from Earth as
    one of the "legs" in the constellation Orion (the hunter).  From this name -"Orionis" it is sometimes
    assumed that the Orion pirates and any reference to Orion, e.g. the 'Orion syndicate' is referring
    to the Rigellians.  However "Enterprise" seems to make a clear distinction between the two species...
    Orion and Rigellian.  SEE:  Rigellians

A green-skinned species of humanoid.

Orion females secret a highly potent pheromone, the effects of which are cumulative -- the longer one
    is exposed, the more pronounced the results will be.  Phlox suspects the pheromone acts as a defense
    mechanism against competition.

    When exposed to human males, it accelerates the metabolism, causing aggression.  Under prolonged
    exposure, adrenaline levels can become dangerously high.  Men can become delusional and extremely
    vulnerable to suggestion.  Human women are also affected, resulting in headaches and listlessness.

    In the case of male Denobulans the pheromone will impact their sleep cycles.  A Denobulan would
    have to take stimulants to stay awake.

    Vulcans and those who have entered into a mating bond with a Vulcan appear to be immune to the
                                                                "Bound" [ENT]

Places of Interest:
Borderland - A volatile region between the Klingon Empire and the Orion Syndicate.  It attracts the
    most dangerous elements from both.  "Borderland" [ENT]

Verex III - A slave processing station near the Borderland.
                                                                 "Borderland" [ENT]

They are traders with known dealings in the black market, and questionable intentions towards
    the Federation. Their political structure and main economic motor of the Syndicate seemed to be based on
    criminal activities such as smuggling, piracy, slave trade and assassinations.

They even sell their own people into slavery, but only the women.  Orion women are known for their
    extreme appetites, and their innate skills.
                                                            "Borderland" [ENT]
Commodore Mendez once said they were "like animals -- vicious, seductive." He thought no human
    male could resist them.                    "The Menagerie, part 2" [TOS]

Orions were reported to have transported half the population of a village on Brinda IV to work as slave labor in mining
    camps.                                             "Shadowplay" [DS9]

 Quark suggested Odo try a holosuite program where three Orion slave girls administer a massage.
                                                            "The Begotten" [DS9]

Slave Processing stations - They are heavily guarded.  Only "legitimate" traders are permitted to enter.
    Methods for controlling the slave population include Shock sticks, and Neurolytic restraints -- a device
    attached to the neck which induces convulsive seizures in disobedient slaves.  If a slave attempts to
    leave the premises it will kill them.
                                                            "Borderland" [ENT]

Orion Syndicate - The Alpha Quadrant's leading organized crime ring.
Members were known to take their own lives before being compelled to testify against the Syndicate.
    Quark had some dealings with them, and had been trying to get into it for years, but they didn't allow
    him to join because he couldn't afford the substantial membership fee. He was due to testify against them
    to the Federation Grand Jury. The Syndicate planted a bomb on the runabout in which Odo was taking
    Quark there.                                     "The Ascent" [DS9]
Draim was an Orion Syndicate member who specialized in blackmail and extortion from his base of
    operations on Finnea Prime. The I'danians gathered evidence to bring this notorious criminal to
    justice in 2372;  Arissa had been working for the Orion Syndicate, under her employer, Draim.
                                              "A Simple Investigation" [DS9]

Members of the Orion Syndicate are expected to pay a portion of their income, called a fare, to their
    superiors in the organization.
If you "sponsor" a person and allow them to join the Syndicate, you become responsible for everything
    that person does.  If anything happens, you are made accountable.
The Syndicate was extremely harsh toward anyone who betrayed it, and would go to almost any length
    to kill such a person.  If that was not possible, the Syndicate was known to kill that person's family.
                                                              "Honor Among Thieves" [DS9]

     DS9: "Little Green Men"
Orion Bomb -     DS9: "The Ascent"
     DS9: "A Simple Investigation"
     DS9: "Call to Arms"
"Business as Usual" [DS9]

2154, May 17:  It appears that the Orions have expanded their range of operations in the last ten to
    twenty years since they never used to be in the area of the Borderland the Enterprise was in...
    They kidnap 9 of the Enterprise crew and take them to a processing station on Verex III.  Soong,
    since he still had codes giving him access to the processing station was able to help them rescue
    their people.  However the Enterprise was pursued by Orion interceptors intent on getting their
    "property" back.  A Klingon bird of prey run by Soong's Augments saved Enterprise and ran the
    interceptors off.                                "Borderland" [ENT]

2254:  The Talosians create an illusion for Capt. Pike in which Vina appears as an Orion slavegirl.
                                                              "The Cage" [TOS], "The Menagerie" [TOS]

2267:  Orion operatives attempted to sabotage the Babel Conference. An Orion vessel fired on the
    Enterprise NCC-1701, which was transporting delegates to the conference. At the time, Orion
    smugglers had been raiding the Coridan system and stealing dilithium crystals to sell on the black
    market. Their attack was intended to prevent Coridan's admission to the Federation.
                                                                "Journey to Babel" [TOS]

"The Pirates of Orion" [TAS]

stardate unknown:  Arissa began to work for Draim without knowing the full extent of her employer's
    business. Soon after she discovered the consequences of her assignments she decided to leave the
    Orion Syndicate. Something easier said than done. Arrisa went to DS9 for a meeting with Tauvid
    for help in escaping from working for the Orion Syndicate. But her boss, Draim, killed Tauvid so
    as to stop her from obtaining a datacrystal and the information contained on it.  Odo tells her that
    she should testify against her boss and regain her old life. The following morning, Arissa contacted
    Draim and proposed an exchange, the crystal for her own life. Draim agreed to it, however he had
    two of his operatives, Traidy and Sorm, plan to kill her once he had retrieved the datacrystal.
    Soon after, Odo received a visit from an Idanian official who informed him that Arissa is not who she
    thinks she is. He tells Odo that she is an Idanian agent who was given a new identity in order to
    infiltrate Draim’s organisation. Arissa has no knowledge of this as her memory has been removed and
    stored on the data crystal.  But Arissa is already meeting to make the exchange. As she prepares to
    give Traidy the data crystal, he and Sorm ambush her. Odo and the Idanian official arrive just in time
    and rescue her from the two hit men. With the truth about Arissa and the data crystal now known,
    Arissa underwent the procedure to restore her memories and her appearance.
                                                                "A Simple Investigation" [DS9]

2374:  Since 5 undercover operatives sent by Starfleet to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate have been killed
    within the last year, Starfleet Intelligence believes that the Orion Syndicate has an spy within the
    Federation.  Starfleet recruited DS9’s Chief of Operations Miles O’Brien and sent him to the industrial
    world of Farius Prime to infiltrate the Syndicate.  He was to make contact with members of the Syndicate,
    and earn their trust in an attempt to expose the Starfleet informant.  Posing as a handyman, O'Brien
    made contact with a trio from the Syndicate by repairing a piece of their equipment.  After researching
    O'Brien's fake background, Bilby, the leader of the trio, decides to bring him into his circle of associates.
    O'Brien discovered that the Syndicate met their Starfleet informant last year on Risa - the spy was in
    charge of Risa's weather system.  O’Brien also learned that the Orion Syndicate had formed a connection
    with the Dominion.   He uncovered a plan by the Dominion to get the Syndicate to assassinate the
    Klingon Ambassador to Farius Prime.  The Ambassador wanted the Empire to break away from the
    alliance with the Federation.  But Chancellor Gowron, on the other hand, was adamantly committed to
    the Alliance.  The plan was to make it look as if the assassination had been ordered by a rival Klingon
    house.  With a martyred Ambassador, the isolationist faction within the Empire (who will think that
    Gowron ordered the assassination) will gain support - this would lead to the Klingons retreaating into
    their own territory, leaving the Federation to stand alone in their war against the Dominion.  Everyone
    within the Syndicate was sworn to secrecy regarding the Dominion’s involvement in this operation.
    O’Brien told his Starfleet Intelligence contact about the spy, and what the Dominion were up to.
    Later, the Chief told Bilby that he’s working for Starfleet.  Bilby realises that the Klingons will be
    waiting for him and the other Syndicate members who will be attempting to kill the Ambassador, and
    since he took O’Brien into his trust, the Syndicate will blame him for what will be a doomed mission.
    So he decided to go ahead with the mission anyway - that way, the Syndicate wouldn’t kill his family
    after the mission fails.  O’Brien returned to DS9 with Chester, Bilby’s Cat.
                                                             "Honor Among Thieves" [DS9]

stardate unknown:  The Tigan family mining business on New Sidney was in trouble.  Unbeknownst
    to their mother, Janel and Norvo Tigan call upon the Syndicate for low-interest loans.  The Syndicate
    wanted the favor returned -- giving the recently widowed Mrs. Bilby a job in the mines.  Unfortunately,
    it didn't end there.  The Syndicate wanted other "favors".  And when mysterious sabotage followed,
    it became clear that to go against the Syndicate would not be the a healthy course of action for the
    Tigans. The Tigan brothers, suddenly found themselves "in," and wanting "out."  They couldn't reason
    with Marika Bilby who was demanding more and more money from the family, and finally Norvo
    concluded that if Marika were dead, the family's problems with the Syndicate would go away.  O'Brien
    who had been keeping in contact with Marika went to look for her killer.  Norvo was arrested and
    sentenced to thirty years incarceration.
                                                                "Prodigal Daughter" [DS9]

Orion Interceptor -

Individuals of Note:
Bilby, Liam -  A member of the Syndicate who believes that “family is everything.”
                                                              "Honor Among Thieves" [DS9]

Devna  (Nichelle Nichols) -  An Orion female on the Elysian Ruling Council who acted as its
    Interpreter of Laws. She also performed a dance of Orion women at a reception on the Enterprise.
                                                               "The Time Trap" [TAS]

D'Nesh (Crystal Allen) -                      "Bound" [ENT]

Harrad Sar () - Placed 3 Orion slave women on the NX-01 under the pretext of smoothing relations
    between Starfleet and the Orion Syndicate.
                                                             "Bound" [ENT]

Maras (Menina  Fortunato) -               "Bound" [ENT]

Navaar (Cyia Batten) -                         "Bound" [ENT]

Raimus - A powerful member of the Orion Syndicate whose base of operations was Farius Prime.
                                                              "Honor Among Thieves" [DS9]

Thadeo Bokar - A commodities broker working in the Tigan mine on New Sydney.  He recognized
    O'Brien's name as someone the Syndicate was looking for.
                                                              "Prodigal Daughter" [DS9]

Unnamed Trader (Joseph Mell) -  An Orion affiliated trader, and a Starfleet acquaintance of his (Robert
    Phillips) are seen in an illusion created by the Talosians for Captain Pike.
                                                              "The Cage" [TOS], "The Menagerie" [TOS]

Vina -  Appeared as an Orion woman in a Talosian illusion.
                                                               "The Cage" [TOS], "The Menagerie" [TOS]


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