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Humanoid.  They are distinguished by two folded skin flaps on the sides of their faces that run from their
    eyebrows and surround their ears and under their temples. Mazarites also have dark hair with streaks
    of white hair swept back from the temples, along the sides. And at least in men, it is usually worn pulled
    back into a ponytail.   


Homeplanet  -

Places of Interest:


The Klingon scientist, Antaak, disguised himself as a Mazarite and attended an IME conference on Tiburon.
                                                                               "Affliction" [ENT]

Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar was investigating corruption in the Mazarite government. When she collected enough
    findings to prosecute them, she asked to be extracted. So the Mazarites she was investigating would not go
    after her, fake charges were brought on her, and she was taken, as if as a criminal, back to Vulcan.  The Mazarites,
    however, did go after her, while she was aboard the Earth starship Enterprise. Before the Mazarites could harm her,
    the Vulcan starship Sh'Raan came to the rescue.
                                                                               "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

Mazarite Shuttle
A Mazarite shuttle is a type of shuttlecraft stowed aboard Mazarite warships.
One of these shuttles was dispatched to Enterprise, in 2151, to retrieve Vulcan ambassador V'Lar from their
    possession. The vessel did not appear to be very large and was capable of docking with Enterprise's
    docking port on her saucer section. The shuttle did not appear to be warp capable and so therefore could
    be thought to serve as an intermediate range of operations from either a ship or planetary point of origin.
                                                                               "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

Mazarite Warship
Mazarite warships ware a type of starship utilized by the Mazarite High Council's corrupt government
    during the mid-22nd century. The Mazarites were technologically comparable to Humans in the 2150s. However,
    the Mazarites, like the Humans, were far less advanced than the Vulcans. One Vulcan combat cruiser can
    easily disable several Mazarite warships. Their ships were only a little faster than Starfleet ships, at approximately
    warp 5.2. They also possesed deflector shields and communications jamming technology. Mazarite warships were
    also equipped with shuttlecraft.  In early 2152, three of these ships chased Enterprise while they were escorting
    Ambassador V'Lar to Vulcan, to offer testimony against their corrupt government. The warships were eventually
    able to catch Enterprise, and sent a shuttle to take V'Lar back to Mazar.  Enterprise, however, was able to jam
    their sensors long enough for the Sh'Raan to arrive, and disable the Mazarite ships. The Vulcan Captain then
    hailed Enterprise, and told Captain Archer to tell the Mazarites "to surrender their weapons, or we'll destroy
    their ships." The Mazarites then surrendered, and the Sh'Raan was able to return the Ambassador.
                                                                               "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Mazarite captain (John Rubinstein) -
Mazarite CaptainThe Mazarite captain was one of the criminals that had infiltrated the Mazarite
government.  He was determined to kill the Vulcan ambassador, V'Lar,  who
had been sent at the request of the Mazarite government to investigate corruption.
After she had obtained evidence against the criminals the government expelled
her as a ruse to protect her.  The captain followed Enterprise which was
transporting her.  The captain overtook Enterprise, and boarded her.  However, Archer had hidden
V'Lar, and tricked the Mazarites into believing that she was hiding in the imaging chamber tube in sickbay.
The Mazarites proceeded to fill the tube with weapons fire, thinking they had killed her.  This delay
gave time for a Vulcan starship to arrive and disable the Mazarite captain's ship.  V'Lar was saved.
                                                                   "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

Mazarite Magistrate (J. Michael Flynn) - 

The Mazarite magistrate had asked the Vulcans for help in investigating the
Mazarite government which had been had infiltrated by criminals at the highest
levels , especially the High Council. Ambassador V'Lar, who spent months
collecting data on the corrupt government, had collected enough evidence against
the criminals to prosecute them, but was in danger. The Vulcan's sent Enterprise to retrieve her and bring
her to Vulcan where she'd be safe until she could testify. The magistrate was so anxious to protect her that
he sent her on a shuttle to dock with Enterprise, in order to save time. As a ruse to get her off the planet the
magistrate expelled her for abuse of power and misconduct, in order to cover the real purpose to protect her.
                                                                     "Fallen Hero" [ENT]

Mazarite guard 1 (Adam Segen) -

This Mazarite guard accompanied the Mazarite captain on board Enterprise. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

Mazarite guard 2 (John Richards) - 

This Mazarite guard accompanied the Mazarite captain on board Enterprise. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")


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