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Humanoid.  Elaborate facial structure.  Along midline of forehead (nose to hairline), and covering one-third its width, a row
    of purple-tinged rectangular scutes.

Flora and Fauna:
Alvera trees -  Sacred cultural treasures that were 300 years old.  The Kreetassans had Alvera trees
    outside their Hall of Diplomacy.      "A Night in Sickbay" [ENT]

They wear robes and elaborate necklaces.
Kreetassans eat only in private; to be seen putting food in one's mouth is a great insult.

It was the most complex language Sato had yet encountered, and she projected her feelings of failure
    onto T'pol, interpreting T'Pol's actions as second-guessing and a lack of confidence in her.
Sato discovers that even though Context is critical in every language, Kreetassan has the most subtle
    variations that she's ever seen;  The same word can have a dozen different meanings.  (Technically,
    the Kreetassans would perceive them as a dozen *different* words; it's only the non-native
    speaker's insensitivity to the relevant variations that blurs them together.]   For example, the words
    for "eat" and "mate" are nearly identical -- The concepts of "eat" and "mate" being contained in
    one such word, the difference being whether the first syllable is emphasized or not.)

tostka = (we are) insult(-ed)
hwajat = eat
HWAjat = mate

Kjass skjask las?           = What did we do wrong?
Hwajat ajhak jahs!         = You eat like you mate.
Sasooratt!                      = (We desire to leave.)
Jhaaratun yiitooratt loorii = Whatever we've done to offend you, I apologize.

Pale green-grey, spindle or elongated teardrop, about half the length of Ent's saucer.
Telescoping cylindrical docking tube at the "equator";
spindle-shaped prow extending from the "forward pole";
"forward hemisphere" about four times the length of the aft.
Several elongated bulges along the dorsal midline, one set into a notch.
A single row of windows along the docking-tube deck.
Sweeping strakes along each side, ventral to that deck.

2151:  The Kreetassans who have been invited aboard Enterprise for a first contact meeting are insulted
    when they discover that humans "eat like they mate".
                                                                 "Vox Sola" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Kreetassan Captain (Vaugn Armstrong)

Kreetassan #2

Kreetassan #3


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