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     The Gorn's costume was designed by Wah Chang who also created the M-113 creature
     (aka the Salt Vampire).
     In 2003, John Logan said in an interview with Star Trek: Communicator that Riker's
     bachelor party in "Star Trek: Nemesis" would feature "three Andorians, two Tellarites
     and a Gorn". The final version of the movie did not feature this scene however,
     meaning "Arena" [TOS], "The Time Trap" [TAS], and "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part 2" [ENT]
    remain the only appearances of the Gorn to date.

An intelligent, bipedal Reptilian species with green, leathery skin and an average height of
approximately two meters.

Gorn are immensely strong; they can lift objects weighing thousands of pounds, and throw them
    dozens of feet at least.
Their skin and physiology are tough and very resistant to impacts; they can withstand physical insult
    that would kill a human almost instantly. Their skin is at best slightly more resistant to impaling
    injuries; Kirk was able to incapacitate a Gorn with a crude cannon that fired unsharpened diamonds.

Their ears are simple holes on the sizes of their skulls;
their eyes are silvery and faceted.
Their mouths boast an impressive array of customized cutlery, and their hands and feet sport vicious
    claws.  They do not seem to employ their teeth and claws in attacks in every situation; the Gorn
    pitted against Captain Kirk by the Metrons in 2267 had a number of opportunities to claw and bite
    him, and for whatever reason, chose not to do so.

If the Gorn have a weakness, it is their extreme slowness. A reasonably agile human can easily evade
their clumsy physical attacks.

Places of Interest:
Cestus III -

As of the late 23rd century, Gorn technology was quite advanced, on a similar level as the
Federation. Their ships were fast, prior to the interference of the Metrons, the USS Enterprise was
hard pressed to keep pace with a Gorn vessel, pushing Enterprise to her limits to gain ground.

They have transporter technology and possess voice duplicator equipment at least good enough to fool
    a casual listener.

Their weapons were described as "like phasers, only worse" by a survivor of the Cestus attack. This
description may also have been colored by fear, as they were later described as disruptors. The
Enterprise weapons were initially ineffective against Gorn deflectors, but due to the pursuit, no
information could be gathered about the effectiveness of a sustained attack.

Gorn tactical units possess powerful disruptors, capable of completely disintegrating targets at ranges
of around a kilometer. Sensor technology may be less effective than that of the Federation, as they
had some difficulty targeting the landing party during their ambush at Cestus III.

They were able to feed back impulses from a tricorder, building up an overload sufficient to destroy
    the instrument.
                                                                  "Arena" [TOS]

A Gorn served on the Elysian Council, in the alternate universe called Elysia, during the late 23rd
Century. It is unknown how long his species had been trapped in that universe.
                                                                 "The Time Trap" [TAS]

Food and Drink:
Harrad-Sar said that a planet in the Gorn Hegemony brews "the finest Mirador in the five systems".
    Archer said it was delicious.                 "Bound" [ENT]

The Gorn's govenment is known as the Gorn Hegemony.
                                                                  "Bound" [ENT]

2267, stardate 3045.6:     The Federation establish a colony on Cestus III.    Since they regarded
    Cestus III as part of their territory, the Gorn assumed that the Federation was threatening their
    claim to the planet and perhaps even a preparation for invasion of their space.   In a pre-emptive
    move, the Gorn attack and destroy the Federation colony.
                                                                  "Arena" [TOS]

Individuals of Note:
Unnamed Captain -                                    "Arena" [TOS]
Gorn captain


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