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Deltan's have characteristically little body hair, especially a bald head.
                                                              "The Motion Picture" [ST1]
The females are unbelievably attractive.
                                                             "Bound" [ENT]

Deltan pheromones cause powerful sexual stimulation in almost all humanoid species.
Deltans have limited telepathic abilities.
Deltans have the ability to block pain in others by touch.
                                                             "The Motion Picture" [ST1]

Places of Interest:
Homeplanet:  Delta IV.

They are members of the Federation for over a century.
                                                             "The Motion Picture" [ST1]
Deltans have an inherent talent for mathematics and geometry.
The Deltan race has a very highly developed sexuality and some form of sexual expression is inherent
    in most aspects of Deltan culture.     "The Motion Picture" [ST1]
They are very open about sexual matters.
                                                              "Bound" [ENT]

   When Mayweather was 15 years old, still on his parents' ship, they picked up some Deltans who's
    ship was having engine trouble.  He couldn't think straight...  could barely breathe.  The only thing
    that got him through it was weight training with his dad.  He said if Travis was exhausted... idle hands
    and all that...  it helped my biceps at any rate.   Malcolm hadn't heard of them
                                                                "Bound" [ENT]

ca. 2170:
    Deltans join the Federation.  (They were members for over a century).
                                                               "The Motion Picture" [ST1]

    Lt. Ilia is transformed into a Probe by the V'Ger entity.  She is officially listed as "missing".
                                                                "The Motion Picture" [ST1]

Individuals of Note:
Ilia - Navigator.  Transformed into a probe by V'Ger so that it could record the normal function of
    the carbon-based units infesting Enterprise.
                                                                "The Motion Picture" [ST1]
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