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"Communicator" Aliens  (from Planet where Reed lost his Communicator.)

The aliens are externally terran-oid, but for shallow forehead bulges.

Blood - Their blood is not red and their "hemoglobin" is not based on iron which is considered a "toxic" element.
    Their hemoglobin must be based on another element.  (Hemoglobin and related biomolecules consist of an
    oxygen-binding metal atom at the center of a "porphyrin" group, secured at the center of a tangled protein.)

A single renal organ (ie kidney),
Other differences in the abdominal organs,
16 thoracic vertebrae (4 extra).  (By definition, human thoracic vertebrae are those with ribs attached; so they
    probably have 16 pairs of ribs.)

Food and Drink:
Allakas malt - Beverage served at a tavern that Archer, Reed, and Sato visited.
Society and Government:
A pre-warp culture whose planet is divided into two main superpowers, one of which is called the Alliance.

Level of Technology:
A pre-warp culture.  The unnamed aliens have cars, trains, and jet aircraft, and recognize a "computing device" when they
see one; but haven't yet achieved nuclear fission ("split the atom").

The alien interceptor aircraft resemble Rutan/Scaled Composites designs: long forward canards, wing shape.  A jet engine
is mounted atop each wing.  The tips of the canards are bent down, the wings up; there's no vertical stabilizer.  The canopy
is set far aft, between the wings.  There are two machine-guns mounted in the nose, firing tracer bullets.  The wingtips each
have an unblinking white formation light.

Individuals of Note:
Barkeep (Dennis Cockrum) -
Gosis, General (Francis Guinan) -
Kultarey, Chancellor -  Archer and Reed attended a rally/speech by CHANCELLOR KULTAREY, which reminded
    Reed of Winston Churchill's addresses before WWII.
Pell, Lt. (Tim Kelleher) - [unnamed in dialogue]
Soldier (Jason Waters) -
Temec, Dr. (Brian Reddy) -
Unnamed Soldiers -


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