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Drug Reactions:
Cobalt diselenide - A nerve agent, deadly to Cardassians although harmless to most other humanoid
 species. It can be synthesized from a combination of selenium and rhodium nitrite. Eddington's
 biogenic weapons spread it into the biosphere of Veloz Prime.
                                                               "For the Uniform" [DS9]

Places of Interest:
Cardassia -

Cardassian sector - Sector 21503.           "The Wounded" [TNG]

Starbases & Spacestations:
Terrok Nor -
Empok Nor -
Science station in Cuellar system in sector 21505 - destroyed by the Federation vessel, Phoenix under
    command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell.
                                                               "The Wounded" [TNG]
Research station in the Kelrabi system.   "The Wounded" [TNG]

"Cardies" - Short for Cardassians; a term sometimes used by O'Brien.

Cardassian - There are some Cardassians among the people that were abducted by the Borg.
                                                                "Unity" [VOY]

Chakotay tells Rafin that he has been in battle before when he was fighting to free his people from a
  nemesis called the Cardassians. Nemesis [VOY]
  The Cardassians wiped out all of the Maquis with the help of their ally from the Gamma Quadrant.
                                                              "Hunters" [VOY]

Entertainment & Recreation:
"Cardassian neck trick" - A feat of shapeshifting which Odo performed at a reception for the Cardassian
 High Command at the Bajoran Center for Science in 2363.
                                                              "Necessary Evil" [DS9]

Cardassian pinochle - After Tuvok has lost control of his emotions, he jokingly suggests that Suder
 and he should get together for a few hands of Cardassian pinochle a couple times a week.
                                                               "Meld" [VOY]

Food and Drink:
Kanar - A drink ordered by Glinn Daro in Ten Forward.  O'Brien says he never could develop a taste for
    it.  Daro responds that it takes some getting used to.
                                                              "The Wounded" [TNG]

ca. 16th century:  First Hebetian Civilization
    A civilization native to Cardassia Prime. The Hebitian burial vaults were said to be magnificent and filled
    with many jeweled artifacts made of jevonite.
                                                                "Chain of Command, part 2" [TNG]
    According to a Cardassian historian, the Hebitians could have been Bajorans who visited Cardassia
    in the 16th century. Using their lightships, Bajoran explorers may have traversed the space around Bajor
    and stumbled upon tachyon eddies, which took them all the way to Cardassia Prime. Centuries later,
    any proof of such contact was lost and the Cardassian government officially denied the story's plausibility.
    Benjamin Sisko and his son, Jake, proved the Cardassians wrong in late 2371, when Sisko constructed a
    lightship and stumbled upon the same eddies the ancient Bajorans had. The military welcomed the Siskos
    to Cardassian space with open arms, describing the journey as "a testament to the spirit of the ancient Bajorans
    who first ventured out into space".          "Explorers" [DS9]

ca. 19th century:  Cardassian Union
    The Detapa Council, Cardassian Central Command, and the Obsidian Order were jointly established in
        the 19th century, together forming what would be known as the Cardassian Union.
                                                                "Defiant" [DS9]

ca. late-21st century:  The First Republic
    The Cardassians established the First Republic. 
                                                              "Destiny" [DS9]

<>before 2245:
    The Cardassian serialist poet <>Iloja of Prim was in exile on Vulcan during the lifetime of Tobin Dax.
                                                              "Destiny" [DS9]
ca. mid-22nd century:
    Cardassians began to explore and traveled in the same area of space as early as 2154.
                                                                "Observer Effect" [ENT]

late 22nd century:
    The burial vaults of the First Hebetian Civilization are unearthed and plundered.
                                                               "Chain of Command, part 2" [TNG]
    Akorem Laan, who disappeared from Bajor in the late 22nd century, knew about Cardassians, indicating
    that first contact has already happened by that time.
                                                                "Accession"  [DS9]

23rd century:
    In an alternate reality, Nyota Uhura asked for two Cardassian sunrises at a bar on Earth,
    suggesting that some knowledge of Cardassia existed among Humans during the 23rd century.
                                                                "Star Trek 2009" [ST11]

ca. early 24th century:  The Modern Empire
    After decades of expansion, Cardassia soon lacked an abundance of natural resources required to
    sustain its Empire, which lead to a period of social unrest, as famine and disease struck the
    population. By the early 24th century, the military had overthrown the civilian government and
    sought to solve the problems that affected Cardassia. Hence they expanded by conquering or
    ascending on neighboring worlds and taking their resources.
                                                                "Chain of Command, part 2" [TNG], "Ensign Ro" [TNG]

2328:  The Occupation of Bajor
    Cardassian military forces soon descended upon nearby Bajor. Promising help and support to the
    peaceful Bajorans, the Cardassians instead annexed Bajor and began the 30 years of the Cardassian
    Occupation. To strip mine resources even more efficiently, Cardassia built a mining station,
    Terok Nor, in Bajor's orbit for the purpose of ore mining and processing.  They established a
    presence upon the planet and instigated an authoritarian government with Cardassian Prefects at its
    head. Many Bajorans were forced to resettle on other worlds and their religion was later banned.
    Those among the Bajorans who were not content to rely on the assistance of the Prophets to end
    the Occupation gathered to form resistance cells in the mountains of Bajor. They utilized guerrilla
    tactics, running through rough terrain, then shooting as the Cardassian soldiers caught up. The
    relentless violence against the invading rulers would slowly change the stance of the Central Command
    back on Cardassia Prime.                 "Chain of Command, part 2" [TNG], "Ensign Ro" [TNG]

2346:  The Setlick III Massacre
    Believing that the outpost Setlick III was to be the launching place for a massive Federation attack
    against them, in an act of sabotage, a squad of Cardassian militia made a sneak attack on it.  They wiped
    out close to a hundred civilians.  The Rutledge, commanded by Captain Maxwell, arrived too late to
    prevent most of the deaths.  Captain Maxwell lost his family during the raid.  The only people left
    alive were in an outlying district of the settlement.  O'Brien, the Rutledge's tactical officer at the time,
    was sent there, with a squad, to reinforce them.  The Cardassians advanced on them, moving through
    the streets, destroying, and killing.  O'Brien was with a group of women and children when two
    Cardassian soldiers burst in.  He stunned the one, but the other jumped him.  As they struggled one of
    the women threw O'Brien a phaser.  He fired it but the phaser was set at maximum and incinerated the
    Cardassian.  O'Brien had never killed anything before this.  A prolonged period of tension punctuated
    by hostilities between the Federation and Cardassia resulted from the massacre.
                                                           "The Wounded" [TNG]

    When the debates over the Cardassian war began, Spock publicly opposed Sarek's position.  Even though
    Sarek was not offended Perrin was upset by Spock's "disloyalty" to his father, and made sure that Spock
    knew it.                                              "Unification, part 1" [TNG]

    Eventually Cardassian expansion brought them into conflict with the Federation, resulting in a
    long border war between Cardassia and the Federation.  It was likely over some resource rich
    planets that were contested between the Federation and Cardassia.  The Cardassian Military
    plundered it's own ancient ruins to sell artifacts to fund this war.
                                                            "Chain of Command, part 1 & 2" [TNG]
    The expansion also brought them into conflicts with the Klingon Empire, including the Betreka
    Nebula Incident.                              "The Way of the Warrior" [DS9]

    The area near the Mericor system was mined with gravitic mines which remained a problem even after
    the war was over.                                "Ethics" [TNG]

   Picard, in command of the Stargazer, had been sent to sector 21503 to make preliminary overtures to
    a truce.  He lowered his shields as a gesture of good will. But the Cardassians weren't impressed.  They
    took out most of his weapons and damaged the impulse engines before he could regroup and run at warp
    speed ahead of the Cardassian warship.
                                                            "The Wounded" [TNG]

    An uneasy truce was reached when an armistice was signed in 2366.
                                                             "Chain of Command" [TNG]

2367:  Cardassian-Federation Treaty
    A new treaty was signed in 2367 between the Federation and the Cardassian Union, which agreed
    upon a neutral party overseeing incarcerations of either country's captives.
                                                               "Dreadnought" [VOY]

    Kriosian rebels attack a neutral Cardassian freighter near the Ikalian asteroid belt.
                                                                "The Mind's Eye" [TNG]

2367, Stardate 44429.6:
    Nearly a year after the peace treaty ended the long conflict between the Federation and Cardassia, many
    Federation officers still had grave misgivings about it, and were suspicious of the true intents of the
    Cardassians. Captain Maxwell violated the treaty when he entered Cardassian space with his vessel, the
    starship Phoenix. Though his action was illegal, it confirmed his suspicions: that heavy Cardassian
    military activity was occuring illicitly.  It appeared that the Cardassians were using the peace treaty to
    simply buy some time to regroup in preparation for launching a major offensive against the Federation.
                                                              "The Wounded" [TNG]

    The Cardassian presence on Bajor was driven out, after years of unceasing terrorist activity from the
    freedom fighters of Bajor finally came to a head. The Occupation ended with a hasty withdrawal, and
    along with all the equipment left on Bajor itself, Terok Nor was abandoned as well. Defenseless and
    left with a weakened world, the Bajoran Provisional Government requested the assistance of Starfleet
    to administer to the orbiting station. The Cardassians would rue their mistake in such a hasty retreat
    when a stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant was soon discovered nearby. Terok Nor, renamed
    starbase Deep Space Nine by Starfleet, became a strategic location for commercial and scientific
    expeditions to the Gamma Quadrant, and later became a key defensive front against the Dominion.

    The Cardassians didn't let the Federation claim the wormhole without contest. In 2370, a year
    later, they were successful in driving out the Starfleet presence on the station by helping the Bajoran
    extremist group, called "the Circle", stage a coup to overthrow the Bajoran Provisional Government.
    The leader of the Circle, Bajoran Minister Jaro Essa, unwittingly bought arms from the Cardassians. He
    had only wanted to drive out Federation presence and take over the Bajoran Provisional Government.
    However, this plan would have left Bajor, along with the wormhole, easy pickings for the Cardassians.
    They were eventually thwarted when the Cardassian involvement was presented to the Vedek Council.

    A few months later, the Cardassia Union and the Federation agreed to redraw their borders, relocating citizens
    who were on the wrong side of the line. The agreement also included a buffer zone between the two powers,
    called  the Demilitarized Zone.

Dissent among the Union's hardliners ran rampant when the agreement was signed. Soon, they started
unprovoked attacks and sabatoge operations on the colonies closest to the Cardassian side of the Demilitarized
Zone, hoping to reclaim land lost in the deal. For the Federation colonists, already furious over what they saw as
the betrayal of the government, it was the last straw. They retaliated by forming the Maquis, and began
 hard-hitting terrorist attacks on Cardassia itself.

    Though required by law to report to the Central Command, the Obsidian Order gained enough power to
 operate independently. A Maquis renegade seized control of the Defiant on Stardate 48467.3 and alerted both the
 Federation and the Cardassia Central Command of the covert shipyard in the Orias System. From its inception
600 years ago, the Obsidian Order had been strictly prohibited from owning any ships of its own. This was part of
 the checks and balances imposed by the government to rein in the Order. The discovery of the shipyards
 indicated the Order was up to something, and its intentions soon were revealed.

2371:  The Fall of the Obsidian Order
    The purpose of the secret fleet was revealed when the Obsidian Order joined forces with its Romulan
    counterparts, the Tal Shiar, to launch a preemptive strike on the Founder homeworld. After the disastrous
    first encounter with the Jem'Hadar ships, the Alpha Quadrant was extremely worried by the rumors of
    a Founder infiltration. The Romulans had already failed in their attempts to collapse the wormhole,
    while the Cardassian government simply hasn't done anything, and so the two agencies were promted
    into cooperative action by fear of a Dominion invasion. The two partners gathered a fleet of 40
    Romulan warbirds and Cardassian vessels before sailing through the wormhole confident of total victory.
    The fleet went right into an ambush of 140 Jem'Hadar ships, and total erradication of both agencies
    resulted. The elimination of the terrifying secret service agency buoyed the hopes of the Cardassian
    dissident movement.

    The rise of the Cardassian dissident movement, following the fall of the Obsidian Order, led to a
    coup that overthrew Central Command and restored powers to the Detapa Council.  The civilian
    uprising was, at the time, believed by the Klingon Empire to be the result of Changeling influence.
    The Klingons launched an attack against the Union that led to the Klingon-Cardassian War. The
    Cardassian government was immediately thrown into chaos by the Klingon invasion, causing the
    Detapa Council to evacuate Cardassia, to seek asylum aboard Deep Space 9. Paranoia ran high in
    the Alpha Quadrant following the exposure of several Changeling imposters at the highest political
    offices in the Quadrant. Fear of the Founders gripped the Klingon Empire, the High Council
believing the coup to be a ploy by the Dominion to replace the Council with Founders. In response, Klingon
 warships led by General Martok attacked Cardassia Prime, nearly eliminating the Council, which were rescued by
 Gul Dukat, who, with assistance from Starfleet, transported them to the safety of Federation space. After proving
the Council members were not shape-shifters, the Klingon attack was forced to cease.
                                                                "The Die is Cast" [DS9], "The Way of the Warrior" [DS9]

    Though unsuccessful in its mission, the Klingon invasion nearly fell Cardassia's industrial production
    base. For the first time in decades, Cardassia was weak and unable to provide for itself. Several of the
    outer colonies had been captured by the Klingons, and nearly every ship destroyed while defending
    the homeworld. With assistance from the Federation Council, who provided among other things
    twelve industrial replicators, (though some replicators were stolen in transit by the Maquis) Cardassia
    started rebuilding.

    The Klingons soon turned to declare war on the Federation, beginning with attacks on Deep Space Nine.
    When it was revealed that General Martok was a Changeling, and that he was the one behind the paranoid
    violence exhibited by the Klingon Empire, the war ceased, but Klingons still occupied some of Cardassian

2373:   Dominion Membership
    Ashamed of the weak state Cardassia had fallen to, and resenting the Klingons for not handing over the
    remaining Cardassian space, Gul Dukat began secret negoitations to form an alliance with the Dominion.
    The Detapa Council was made powerless following a series of secret negotiations between Dukat and the
    Dominion. These negotiations would eventually lead to Cardassia's 'voluntary' annexation by the
    The Dominion suddenly invaded the Alpha Quadrant with dozens of ships coming through the Bajoran wormhole.
    The Federation was preparing for the worst assuming the fleet was going to begin an interstellar war by attacking
    Deep Space 9. However, the fleet immediately changed course and headed directly for Cardassian space.
                                                                    "By Inferno's Light" [DS9]

Shortly after Stardate 50560.1:
    Gul Dukat announced Cardassia's alliance with the Dominion, and his new position as head of state.   As he
    promised in his speech, within 5 days, the Maquis were summarily slaughtered and the Klingons removed
    from Cardassian space by the Jem'Hadar fleet that came throught the wormhole. Dominion forces soon began
    building up inside Cardassian space, and the whole Quadrant could sense an impending invasion with the arrival
    of each additional Jem'Hadar convoy.
Stardate 50975.2:   The  Dominiom War
    Since the Dominion required constant reinforcements of ships, supplies, troops, and ketracel-white from the
    Gamma Quadrant to be able to conquer the entire Alpha Quadrant, Sisko persuaded Starfleet to allow him to
    begin mining the wormhole entrance with self-replicating cloaked mines to prevent the strength of the Dominion
    from growing. This move was the provocation the Dominion needed to start a full-scale war against the Federation
    without coming across as the aggressors. The Vorta Weyoun was sent to dissuade Captain Sisko to disarm the
    mines and clear out the wormhole entrance, but both he and Sisko knew war was inevitable. Weyoun returned
    to Cardassia, where he, along with Dukat and a large fleet of Dominion/Cardassian vessels, began an attack on
    Deep Space Nine, hoping to overtake Ops before the activation of the minefield. The attempt was only successful
    in Dukat retaking the station.  He drove out the Federation personnel, but the Dominion had to make do without
    Jem'Hadar reinforcements for the time being.  The Dominion War began.
                                                                        "Call to Arms"  [DS9]

    The Dominion won victory after victory for the next three months, and the subjugation of the entire Alpha Quadrant
    was within sight. The slow progress on deactivating the minefield however displeased both Founder and Vorta. It
    was Dukat's aide, Gul Damar, who finally figured out a way to disarm the mines.
    Starfleet assembled three fleets in a last-ditch effort to stop the Dominion from penetrating the minefield.
    2,800 Jem'Hadar ships were waiting on the other side of the wormhole, and if the minefield was successfully
    deactivated, the Alpha Quadrant would be lost.

    The minefield eventually was deactivated and the Jem'Hadar armada began pouring into the wormhole. The Defiant,
    with Captain Sisko onboard, managed to break through enemy lines, but was no match for the overwhelming numbers
    of  Jem'Hadar vessels. On the verge of the ship's destruction, the Emissary sought the help of the Prophets by
    making them see how devastating the result would be if the Jem'Hadar were allowed passage into the Alpha
    Quadrant. The Prophets agreed help their Emissary, but warned cryptically that he would pay a penance for what
    happened that day. When the Emissary came to, all 2,800 ships vanished without a trace from sensors, and only
    the Defiant exited the Wormhole.
    Dukat could not believe what had happened. With a complete victory almost within reach, he suddenly lost everything.
    Worse still was the murder of his daughter Ziyal at the hands of Damar, who despised her for betraying their cause
    (she had freed Kira and Rom). The impact of all these events resulted in the mental breakdown of Dukat and prove
    to be a turning point in his life.
    Damar, Weyoun, and the rest of the Dominion presence retreated from Deep Space Nine, leaving the station for
    the Federation to reclaim. Soon afterwards Damar was proclaimed the new leader of Cardassia, but he served at
    the pleasure of Weyoun and the Dominion, unable to assert his own will in matters of state.

    The Romulans, who had distanced themselves from the war by signing a non-agression pact with the Dominion,
    would again be drawn into the war when they suspected the Cardassians assassinated Senator Vreenak. Vreenak,
    who had signed the pact, died aboard his warbird from what appeared to be Cardassian sabotage, and this act of
    treason could not be ignored by the Romulan Empire. They immediately retaliated by destroying 15 Cardassian
    outposts along the border, and would formally join the Klingon/Federation forces later on.

    Among the first joint campaigns of the Klingon/Federation/Romulan forces was the taking of the Chin'Toka System.
    Targeted for its thin defenses, the fleet led by Sisko encountered resistance only in the orbital weapons platform
    deployed there. After destroying the main power source, the system came under Federation control.
    Dukat escaped from a Federation prison escort ship when it crashed in a remote planet and returned to Deep Space
    Nine to destroy the Orb of Prophesy.  In the process, he killed Jadzia Dax, who was praying in the Bajoran
    Temple at that time. The wormhole inverted and collapsed, sending the Bajorans into panic about the disappearance of
    their Celestial Temple.

Three months later,
    Captain Sisko restored the wormhole by rediscovering the Orb of the Emissary.

    Not satisfied with the damage he'd done, Dukat later surgically altered his appearance to look like a Bajoran as
    part of his plot to ruin Sisko and free the Pagh Wraiths.

    At the same time the Breen general Thot Gor presented the Female Founder with Worf and Ezri, whom they captured
    in the Goralis System. After thanking them for the gift, Weyoun and the Founder officially welcomed the Breen into the
    Dominion alliance, much to the chagrin of Damar.  A few years ago, Cardassia had joined the Dominion to elevate their
    status and become true masters of the Alpha Quadrant, but when the Breen entered into the Dominion, the Cardassians
    suffered a major insult, and the subsequent massive sacrifice of Cardassian troops for Dominion causes showed the
    Dominion's lack of regard for Cardassia.

    The Breen attacked Starfleet headquarters shortly afterwards, causing severe damage to San Francisco and
    to the psyche of the Federation. An energy dissipater weapon the Breen utilized on their ship proved especially
    effective against power-hungry attack vessels the Federation, Klingon, and Romulans deployed.
    After San Francisco, the Breen turned their attention to the Chin'Toka System. Taken forcibly by the Federation,
    Klingon and Romulans last year, the Dominion were eager to reclaim it. The Federation and allied forces suffered
    devastating losses of ships and personnel, and the Chin'Toka System once again fell under Dominion control.

    The Breen had usurped the Cardassians as partners of the Dominion. Instead relegated to cannon fodder and put
    aside for the new favorite, Damar felt the line had been crossed and organized a resistance to drive the Dominion
    from Cardassian space. Legate Damar, angered by the dismissal of Cardassia and realizing that though he was on
    Cardassia Prime, he and the rest of the Cardassians were now second-class citizens within the Dominion, wanted
    to pull Cardassia out of the alliance altogether. However, the Dominion already had complete control over the
    Cardassian military.  Damar resorted to plotting a resistance movement along the lines of the tactics used by the
    Bajorans against the vastly superior Cardassian military at the time of the Occupation.  Damar initiated a rebellion
    against the Dominion occupation of the Union, called the Cardassian Liberation Front. Damar freed Worf
    and Ezri, asking them to bring word to the Federation that they had an ally on Cardassia.  He gave a speech calling
    on Cardassians everywhere to resist the Dominion and began his campaign with an attack on a Vorta cloning facility,
    an action confirmed by intelligence reports. Starfleet sent his rebellion runabouts, supplies, and the expertise of
    Colonel Kira, Odo, and Garak to help him in his efforts.

    Damar's resistance movement was never large enough to launch an all-out campaign against the Dominion, so
    he used the guerrilla tactics employed by the Bajorans in the Occupation, running sabotage missions and other
    campaigns to derail the Dominion's war efforts. Damar's organized resistance was crushed by Weyoun after Gul
    Rovok betrayed Damar and compromised his movement. All eighteen cells were destroyed, and Weyoun
    declared a complete victory.

    He instead ignited an even more powerful popular movement against the Dominion. Rallying the citizens of
    Cardassia, Damar asked for the help of all civilians, and took out power for the duration of the
    Federation/Klingon/Romulan attack on Dominion forces which had pulled back to establish a tight defensive
    perimeter around Cardassia Prime. With communication cut, Weyoun and the Female Founder could not
    contact their fleet, and the Founder was so incensed she ordered Lakarean City, 2 million in population, destroyed.
    She also ordered every house levelled in Cardassia if necessary until Damar and his rebels were found. The
    Jem'Hadar eventually found them, and were about to kill the trio when the Cardassian soldiers that had
    come along with the Jem'Hadar killed the Dominion soldiers and pledged their loyalty to Damar.

    Sisko, Martok, and Ross lead the attack, and they clearly were losing ground when the Cardassian ships suddenly
    turned to fire on the Dominion. Soon, the Dominion was losing ground fast, and it was only then that long-range
    communications returned to Weyoun and Founder. Knowledge that the entire Cardassian fleet had turned against
    the Dominion angered the Founder into declaring that all Cardassians were untrustworthy. She immediately ordered
    the extermination of the entire population on Cardassia Prime and sent Jem'Hadar ships to level every inch of
    Cardassia Prime. The Breen general volunteered to fight in the front lines, leaving Weyoun and the Founder
    almost entirely alone on the planet surface.

    Damar and the rest of his resistance group stormed the serpent's lair, which they eventually penetrated. Damar
    died in the crossfire, but the survivors pressed on to find the Founder and Weyoun virtually alone. The Founder
    refused to call off the attack force and was content to let all of her forces die, taking as many of the enemy as they
    could with them. Only when Odo linked with her and healed her disease did she change her mind, agreeing to sign
    a peace treaty and stand trial as a war criminal.

    The war was over! Every side paid dearly, but none more than Cardassia. With 800 million dead, and Cardassia
    Prime in ruins, so much of its rich history and culture was irretrievably lost and even more minds wasted. Garak
    echoed the sentiments of all Cardassians when he said in conclusion: "Cardassia will survive, but it will never be what
    it once was."

Cardassian Encryption Systems - As a secretive species, the Cardassians have a lot of need and use
 of encrypted communications. Translation of military codes such as Elgol Red, 5th Order Military
 and Courier Code 59 is a speciality of Bajoran Intelligence. Most Cardassian codes use a
 recursive encryption algorithm.             "In Purgatory's Shadow" [DS9]

Cardassian Genetic Engineering - Can be identified by its distinctive monoclonal links.
                                                               "A Man Alone" [DS9]

Ships and Stations:
Galor Class
Galor class ship

Keldon Class
Keldon Class ship

Kelvin Class
Inabrin Class
Yvet Class
Hideki Class
Dreadnought Class
Nor -type Spacestation
Cardassian eschelon - The attack formation used by 8 Kazon vessels was a classic cardassian eschelon.
                                                               "Basics, Part 1" [VOY]
Warships carry a crew of 600.  Supply ships have a crew of 50.
                                                               "The Wounded" [TNG]

Unlike Federation systems, Cardassian Transporters still operate with active-feed pattern buffers.
                                                              "The Wounded" [TNG]

Cardassian Phased Disrupter Rifle - Standard issue Cardassian firearm. 4.7 megajoule power capacity
 with a 3 millisecond recharge and two beam settings. A simple and quite powerful weapon
 that makes it excellent for use in the field. A large number of this class of weapon were captured
 during the Occupation and used by the Bajoran Resistance movement.
                                                              "Return to Grace" [DS9]

Individuals of Note:
Ari -

Belor, Ulani -

Boheeka -

Borad -

Dakol -

Damar  -  Legate.

Danar -

Daro - Glinn.  Gul Macet's aide.                  "The Wounded" [TNG]

Dejar -

Derell -

Dolak -

Dukat (Marc Alaimo) -  Gul.
Gul Dukat

Entek -

Evek - male.  A Gul of the Cardassian Fourth Order.   A week before stardate 48315, Chakotay's ship
    is chased by Gul Evek's Galor-class warship into the Badlands.
                                                            "Caretaker" [VOY]

Garak, Elim -
Elim Garak

Ghemor, Tekeny  -

Ghoren -

Hogue -

Jasad -

Jural -

Korinas -

Kovat -

Lang, Natima - Professor.
Natima Lang

Macet (Marc Alaimo) - Gul.  Captain of the Cardassian warship Trager.
                                                               "The Wounded" [TNG]

Madred -

Makbar -

Marritza, Aamin  -
Aamin Marritza

Mila -

Moset, Crell -

Ocett  -  Gul.
Gul Ocett

Pa'dar, Kotran  -
Kotran Pa'dar

Parn -

Perak -

Rejal, Gilora -  Doctor.
Gilora Rejal

Rekelen -

Seska -

Tain, Enabrin  -
Enabrin Tain

Telle - Glinn.  Gul Macet's aide.                 "The Wounded" [TNG]

Toran -

Turrel -

Ziyal, Tora -  Dukat's daughter.


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