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(Bolians were named for director Cliff Bole, who directed "Conspiracy" [TNG], the first episode in
    which these aliens were seen).

    Humanoid species distinguished by a light blue / bluish-grey skin.  They have quite long earlobes
    and a vertical, bifurcated ridge running down the center of their face, and along their bodies.  Many
    Bolians also have darker blue markings on their scalps.  The males of this species are bald.
                                                             "Conspiracy" [TNG]; "Allegiance" [TNG]; "Half a Life" [TNG];
                                                              "Ensign Ro" [TNG]; "Schisms" [TNG]; "Emissary, part 1" [DS9];
                                                              "The Forsaken" [DS9]; "Paradise Lost" [DS9];
                                                              "Learning Curve" [VOY]; "Generations" [ST7];
                                                              "Insurrection" [ST9]
    But the females are sometimes seen with hair similar to humans on their heads.
                                                               "Allegiance" [TNG]

Bolian Blood    Their blood is also blue.                    "Adversary" [DS9]
    Bolians have very different blood chemistry from Vulcans. A blood transfusion from a Vulcan to a
    Bolian would be fatal for the Bolian.
                                                             "Prototype" [VOY]
    They have a cartilaginous lining on their tongues.
                                                             "Flashback" [VOY]
    Picard tried sensing a pulse using the carotid artery to determine the health of a Bolian so their circulatory
    system may not be too different than other humanoids at least in this respect.
                                                              "Allegiance" [TNG]

Bolarus IX - Homeworld of the Bolians. "Allegiance" [TNG]
    A short, comedy scene was cut from the script, in which it was to have been revealed by Mot that
        Bolarus IX was not yet a member of the United Federation of Planets.
                                                               "The Chase" [TNG]

Assisted Suicide - The Bolians have a principle of assisted suicide that dates back to their middle ages.
    This was termed the Double Effect principle, and it deemed that any action that relieved suffering
    even if that same action had the secondary effect of causing death was ethical.
                                                              "Death Wish" [VOY]

A Bolian marriage often has more than two partners.  Reference is made to Zim Brott's wife and
    co-husband.                                        "Field of Fire" [DS9]

Food and Drink:
Bolian tonic water - A refreshing beverage.
                                                              "Paradise Lost" [DS9]
Bolian Bistro - A Bolian Bistro opened on Deep Space Nine, but some were reticient ot attend because
    of the Bolian tendency to use partially decayed meat in their cuisine.
                                                              "Crossfire" [DS9]
When power to the USS Voyager's lavatories is compromised, Neelix warns to be wary of the Bolians.

The human name "Frederick" translates as a Bolian obscenity.
                                                                "Dreadnought" [VOY]

There are very few Bolians in Starfleet.   "Allegiance" [TNG]

2366:  The Bolians maintain an uneasy truce with the Moropa.
                                                                "Allegiance" [TNG]

Many Bolians lived on Earth in the 24th century.
                                                                "Hope and Fear" [VOY]
Bank of Bolias - The place where Morn stashed the 1000 bricks of gold-pressed latinum from the Lissepian
    Mother's Day Heist, after extracting the latinum.
                                                               "Who Mourns for Morn?" [DS9]
    With O'Brien's help, Krole robbed it using his data port.
                                                                "Honor Among Thieves" [DS9]
2373:  The Bolian government authorized the Ferengi Gaming Commission to manage their gambling emporiums.
                                                                 "Ferengi Love Songs" [DS9]

A Bolian freighter was towed to a lower dock when all three upper pylons at DS9 failed.
                                                                 "Whispers" [DS9]
Another was robbed by the Maquis of photon launchers.
                                                                 "Tribunal" [DS9]
2 Freighters were hijacked by Maquis raiders.
          + DS9 "For the Uniform"

           "The Maquis, Part I" [DS9]
          Transport [ 3 ]
           "The Muse" [DS9]
           "Who Mourns for Morn?" [DS9]

Individuals of Note:
Academy commandant (Rudolph Willrich) -
                              "Paradise Lost" [DS9]

Adislo, Hars (John Hostetter) - Starfleet Dignitary present at the ceremony onboard the Enterprise-E
     for Evora to join the UFP.
                                      "Insurrection" [ST9]

Alandra - Holographic customer of Sandrine's created by Tom Paris.
                            "Someone to Watch Over Me" [VOY]

Arlin, Lysia - a Bolian shopkeeper who sells jumja sticks on The Promenade.  She may find Odo attractive.
                                                                "Shadowplay" [DS9], "Defiant" [DS9]

Borg - Seen aboard Borg Cube.
                            "First Contact" [ST8]

    One of the Borg victims' memories experienced by Seven of Nine is a Bolian manicurist.
                                        "Infinite Regress" [VOY]

Boq'Ta (Andy Miller) - Lieutenant.  Deceased.
                                "Empok Nor" [DS9]

Brathaw (John Prosky) - Freighter Xhosa.
                              "For the Cause" [DS9]

Broht, Ardon (Barry Gordon) - Publisher, Broht & Forrester.
Ardon Broht                             "Author, Author" [VOY]

Brott, Zim (Chris Kelley) and his family - Petty officer.  Spent five years of service on Deep Space Nine
    before he was murdered.  Ezri recognized him since she knew him... or at least
    Jadzia did.  He had a wife and co-husband on Bolarus as well as two children.
                                 "Field of Fire" [DS9]

Chell  (Derek McGrath) - Bolian; former Maquis; Crewman on Voyager;

    He is one of the Maquis selected by Chakotay to participate in special field-
    training class to help him adjust to serving on a Starfleet ship; Tuvok has him
    degauss the entire Transporter Room with a micro-resonator.  Chell tells
    Tuvok that the design on his medallion is a Kazleti design that he learned
    when he visited their planet.
                           "Learning Curve" [VOY]
    He expresses his conspiracy theories during Teero Anaydis' plot to control
        Voyager through a mind-controlled mutiny.  Goes to Tom Paris' 3-D double
        feature, including "Attack of the Lobster People."
                                                              "Repression" [VOY]
    He is referred to in a conversation between Tom Paris and Torres, he believes that a baby born near
        a Warp Core will have an improved disposition.
                                                              "Lineage" [VOY]
    He is referred to in a conversation between Q2 and Icheb.  He must help Q2 scrub the plasma conduits.
                                                               "Q2" [VOY]
    He is referred to in a conversation between Kim, Neelix and Torres.  Kim relates how Chell said they
        should not miss the Ledosian Flame Gardens.
                                                                "NaturalLaw" [VOY]
    He is referred to in conversations: between Chakotay and Janeway, who discuss his wish to take
        over for Neelix in the Mess Hall; between Paris and Janeway, when Paris suggests Chell add
        Nebula Soup to his menu.              "Endgame" [VOY]

Golwat - Bolian female; Ensign on Voyager; Former Maquis;
     She is referred to in a conversation between Neelix and Tuvok.  Neelix says
    she often has a second glass of Neelix' Anthraxic Citrus Peel Orange Juice and
    thinks it is delicious; Tuvok reminds Neelix that she can stand such torture
    because her toungue has a cartilaginous lining that would protect her against
    even the most corrosive acid.
                             "Flashback" [VOY]
    She received a personal letter from home through the Hirogen-controlled relay.
                             "Hunters" [VOY]
    Is seen drinking in the bar where Tom Paris works. Is referred to in a Quarren
        computer file accessed by Seven of Nine.
                                                           "Workforce" [VOY]
    She attends the 10-year Anniversary party celebrating the return of Voyager from the Delta Quadrant
        in the pre-altered timeline.         "Endgame" [VOY]

Graife - Barkeeper on Farius Prime.
                            "Honor Among Thieves" [DS9]

Hranok, Zar (Stephen Davies) - Tactical Officer aboard the starship Saratoga which was destroyed in
    the battle of Wolf 359.  He was not named on screen, but later was referred to as
    Hranok in the novelization of "Emissary" and as Zar in the Pocket novel "Saratoga".
                          "Emissary" [DS9]

Haro, Mitena (Joycelyn O'Brien) - female.  In 2366, an alien species imitated a young first year cadet,
Mitena Haro    She was supposed to be from Bolarus Nine, and one of three Bolians in Starfleet
    Academy at the time.  The other two were supposed to have
    academic records better than hers.  Her best field of study was
    impulse propulsion systems and she was supposed to be really good
    with field coils.  The aliens impersonating her were attempting to
    study concepts of authority, but the ruse was quickly uncovered
    by Captain Picard.             "Allegiance" [TNG]

Mot, V'Sal (Shelly Desai, Ken Thorley) - Runs the Enterprise-D barber shop.
Mot                            "Data's Day" [TNG]
    (When first introduced, the barber later known as Mr Mot was portrayed by Shelly
    Desai, and was named "V'Sal" in the script of  "Data's Day" [TNG].)
    He also appeared in "The Host", "Ensign Ro", and (off screen) in "Unification, part 1".
    Captain Picard once pretended to be him.
                                                               "Starship Mine" [TNG]

New Essentialist (Frank Kopyc) - A member of the New Essentialist movement on Risa.
                             "Let He Who is Without Sin" [DS9]

Rixx (Michael Barryman) - Captain of the Starship Thomas Paine.  One of the most renowned officers
Rixx    in Starfleet.  In 2364, he was involved in trying to counter the attempt by alien
    parasites to subvert Starfleet.  Picard had met him at the Altairian
                          "Conspiracy" [TNG]

Unnamed Bolian -
(Jeff Austin)
                                         "The Adversary" [DS9]

A Bolian is present at Quark's when Captain Sisko is awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.
                                                               "Tears of the Prophets" [DS9]

Unnamed Bar Patron -                            "Birthright, part 1" [TNG]

Unnamed Cadet - female cadet at Starfleet Academy in an alternate future (25th century).
                                "Endgame" [VOY]

Unnamed Crewmen -
(Leonard Jones) - Member of Enterprise-D crew.
                                                                "Time's Arrow" [TNG]

    Crew of the Enterprise-D.   "Generations" [ST7]

    Crew of the Enterprise-E.     "First Contact" [ST8]

Unnamed Customers of Quark's bar -

           [DS9]; "Hard Time" [DS9]; "Business as Usual" [DS9]

Unnamed Delegate - There was a Bolian delegate in the Archaeology Council that visited the Enterprise-D
                                                                "Q'Pid" [TNG]

Unnamed Medic (Mark Holton) - Medic at Ajilon Prime.
                            "Nor the Battle to the Strong" [DS9]

Unnamed Party Guests - A group of Bolians help Jadzia Dax celebrate her forthcoming wedding to Worf
    at a party in her quarters. Although one brawls with Morn, the Bolian and Lurien end up as dancing
    partners.                                             "You Are Cordially Invited" [DS9]
    One of the guests at Ezri Dax's welcoming party is a Bolian Starfleet officer.
                                                                "Afterimage" [DS9]

Unnamed Tourists - Tourists at Risa.
                               "Let He Who is Without Sin" [DS9]

Unnamed Waiter (Dennis Tracy) -
                               "Generations" [ST7]

Vadosia - Ambassador and important Bolian diplomat.  He visited DS9 in 2369.
                        "The Forsaken" [DS9]


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