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Betazoids appear to be human except for the solid dark color of their pupils and irises.

Telepathic ability usually develops in adolescence but in some rare instances Betazoids are born fully
    telepathic.  These individuals have great difficulty controlling their ability and are often driven mad
    by it.  They are unable to screen out the telepathic noise of other people, and require extensive therapy.
                                                                 "Tin Man" [TNG]

Betazoids cannot telepathically read
    Ferengi,                                                 "The Forsaken" [DS9]
    or Ullians.

It would appear that half-Betazoids can only sense strong emotion.
                                                                    "Encounter at Farpoint" [TNG]

Paracortex - the telepathic lobe of the Betazoid brain.  The paracortex utilizes a neuro-transmitter called

Metaconscious - Part of the Betazoid psyche.  It helps them recover from mental trauma.

REM frequency - different from other races.  "Night Terrors" [TNG]

Pregnancy - Betazoid pregnancies last 10 months.  The mother can sometimes sense the thoughts of her
    unborn child.

The "Phase" -  Betazoid women in their forties go through a time of increased sexual energy called the
    Phase.  Their sex drive is normally quadrupled during this time.
                                                                   "Manhunt" [TNG]

Zanthi Fever -  Mature Betazoids can also suffer from Zanthi fever, that causes the Betazoid to lose
    control over the projective aspect of his/her empathy. That can result in people around that Betazoid
    acting as if they'd experience the same general emotional state as him/her, though they are directed by
    their own subconscious desires, fears etc.   "Fascination" [DS9]

Places of Interest:

Lake Cararia - A beautiful place on Betazed.

Flora and Fauna:
Camelion Rose - flower native to Betazed.  It changes color according to the mood of its owner.

The Betazoid telepathic ability has led to a culture of complete honesty, which can sometimes be
    disconcerting for non-telepaths.

The Betazoid word imzadi means "beloved".

Some Betazoids practice genetic bonding where children are betrothed at a young age.
                                                                 "Haven" [TNG]

To Betazoids, weddings are a celebration of the physical act of love, and the entire wedding party and also
    the guests appear in the nude.              "Haven" [TNG], "Cost of Living" [TNG], "Nemesis" [ST10]

Bonding gifts is the Betazoid term for wedding presents.

Betazoids are not considered mature until they reach their forties.

The Fifth House of Betazed is a family that is still considered something of royalty to the Betazoids.
Ambassador Lwaxana Troi is a daughter of the Fifth House.

The Holy Rings of Betazed and the Sacred Chalice of Rixx are relics of some significance to Betazoids.
    In the 24th century, Lwaxana Troi, daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed, was holder of the Sacred
    Chalice and heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed -- something she never failed to mention in formal
    introductions.                                         "Haven" [TNG]
    According to Deanna Troi, the Sacred Chalice of Rixx is "an old clay pot with mold growing inside it."
                                                                    "Menage a Troi" [TNG]

University of Betazed - has a psychiatric hospital.

Food and Drink:
Oskoid - leaflike Betazoid delicacy.
Uttaberries - Blueberry-like fruit found on Betazed that can be used in crepes.

A Betazoid chime is a small, flat crystalline gong traditionally used by some Betazoids.  It is rung throughout
    the meal as a means of giving thanks for the food that is being eaten.

It has been speculated that Betazoid society in the past was matriarchal.
                                                                    "Angel One" [TNG]

At one time, it was fashionable for Betazoid women to wear elaborate wigs that encaged small animals. The
    practice, which was cruel to the animals, was stopped when one (unknown) woman stood up against it.
                                                                   "Half a Life" [TNG]

2374:  Betazed was occupied by the Dominion.
                                                                   "In the Pale Moonlight" [DS9]


Individuals of Note:
Tam Elbrun

Sabin Genestra -

Reittan Grax

Andrus Hagan -

Jarot -

Walter Pierce -

Devinoni Ral -

Eric-Christopher Rozhenko -

Shannara Rozhenko -

Stadi -

Lon Suder

Deanna Troi

Ian Troi -

Kestra Troi -

Lwaxana Troi -


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