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scaly skin and a V-shaped ridge of spikes down the forehead.

They did not drink water, nor did they sweat.  Their endocrine systems were sensitive to temperature
fluctuation.  They also spit a chemical compound that had organic cell regenerating properties.

a reputation for being highly territorial.

An example of the language from "Dawn" [ENT] :

 Va'dz-ra tahn-szuk!
 Adz'ahe kun'tnck, tnee'kha.
 Askaas tooratt yzarra!
 Tsunsana ahn-szuk...
 Gahn thak!
 Gahn thak!
 Tsunsana kha'n  a'haba?
 Va'dz-RA m'Kush'ka!
 Kush'ka rooratta tsunsana!  =  Fix my transceiver.
 Kush'ka rooratta!
 Kutku ncatta ackzatche.  =  You try anything, you're a dead man.
 Gha'za't kba tu'nu'n "Damn it."
Va'dz-RA maastass!
 Dza't ku'mnuchta... Trip.
 Dza't... Dza't.
 Dza't ku'mnuchta!
 Nohkto  =  bad
 T'mna khenna v'dhoze.
V'dhoze  =  ship
tsunsana  =  transceiver
 Gahn Tahk!
 Gahn thak.
 Taratt-aash  =  A brown liquid that Arkonians drink (like humans drink water).

ca 2052:  Nearly 100 years ago, and not long after the Arkonians had developed warp drive, the Vulcans
    made first contact with them.  The relations between Vulcans and Arkonians were difficult from the
    beginning because the Arkonians were suspicious and deceitful.  Eventually, the Vulcan High Command
    withdrew it's contigent.                      "Dawn" [ENT]

2152:   Tucker made first contact with them when he was shot down and became stranded on the moon
    of a gas giant with one of them.         "Dawn" [ENT]

Shuttle -  Pilot Zho'Kaan.  Crash landed on moon.
                                                                "Dawn" [ENT]

Military vessel - under the command of Khata'n Zshaar.  The vessel was encountered by the
    Enterprise in 2152 after one of the Arkonian shuttles shot down a shuttlepod from Enterprise.  The
    ship helped to search for the shuttles that crash-landed on a moon orbiting a gas giant.
                                                                "Dawn" [ENT]
Patrol ship -
                                                                "Dawn" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Khata'n Zshaar - Captain of Arkonian vessel.  He had orders to destroy any vessel that violated their

Zho'Kaan -


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