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    Also called  Alpha Tauri,   It is a is a binary star system located around 65.1 light-years (ly) from Sol.
    The star system lies in the central part of the constellation Taurus as seen from Earth.

    Aldebaran A is a orange-red giant star of spectral and luminosity type K5 III. The star may have a
    mass similar to Sol's but around 40 to 52 times its diameter -- (this would extend halfway to the
    planet Mercury in the Solar System so that it would be 20 degrees across if it were in Earth's skies).
    Aldebaran A (a first magnitude star) is the 13th brightest star in Earth's night sky, with an apparent
    visual magnitude of 0.86.
    The discovery has yet to be confirmed, but in 1997, a team of astronomers announced the discovery
    of a a possible large planet (or small brown dwarf) companion.  It has been designated Aldebaran "b"
    and  has a minimum mass of 11 Jupiters and an orbiting at a distance of 1.35 AU.

    Alpha Tauri B, the other star in this binary system, is an M2 red dwarf that is separated from
    Aldebaran A by about 607 AUs.  It is very faint as seen from Earth (13th magnitude).

    Music Academy - When he was seventeen O'Brien's father sent a recorded audition of his son
        playing the cello to the Aldebaran Music Academy.  He was accepted.  But O'Brien didn't want
        to go.  Two days before he was due to leave, O'Brien went into town and signed up for Starfleet
        instead.                                           "Shadowplay" [DS9]

    Drum set - Phlox loaned an Aldebaran drum set to Groznik, his first wife's third husband.  He
        gave the set to him in his will.       "Zero Hour" [ENT]

    Aldebaran Exchange -  A move Riker makes to finish off his chess game with Nibor in Ten-Forward.
                                                                "Menage a Troi" [TNG]

    Mud leeches -  Aldebaran mud leeches are black worm-shapes about 10cm long which secrete a natural
        sedative.  According to Phlox, you should place one each on the chest and abdomen an hour before
        going to sleep; but don't roll over, lest you anger them.
                                                              "Anomaly" [ENT]

    Serpent  -  Q appeared as an Aldebaran serpent.
                                                              "Hide and Q" [TNG]

    Shell mouth -  McCoy called Spock "... as tight-lipped as an Aldebaran shell mouth."
                                                               "Amok Time" [TOS]

    Whiskey - A green alcoholic beverage.  Picard gave a bottle of it to Guinan.  Mr. Scott ended up
        with it.  They drank some together on the holodeck.
                                                              "Relics" [TNG]
        Quark found a bottle of Aldebaran whiskey in Rom's quarters.  He could tell it was from his
        private stock from the label.          "Prophet Motive" [DS9]

    Dr. Dehner  joined the NCC-1701 Enterprise at the Aldebaran colony.
                                                               "Where No Man Has Gone Before" [TOS]
    Ira Graves had planned to commandeer the Enterprise and take it to Aldebaran.
                                                               "Schizoid Man" [TNG]

    The Nagus' nephew Belongo was being held by the Starfleet authorities on Aldebaran 3.  The
        Nagus asked Sisko to see what he could do to clear up the "misunderstanding".
                                                                "Past Tense, part 1" [DS9]

    The Enterprise-D set course for Aldebaran Zeta after their mission to Daled IV.
                                                               "The Dauphin" [TNG]


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