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Akaali - what the native Akaali call themselves.

Appearance & Pysiology:
    They have two segmented dermal ridges which run vertically, one on each side of the forehead.
    Dr.Phlox calls them "the anterior ridges".  (This distinction implies the possibility of other ridges,
    hidden beneath the hair.)

    Location: Archer notes that "we came 78 light years".  We don't know if he's measuring from Earth,
        from the Enterprise's previous planetfall, its total odometer reading, etc., but "from Earth" would
        seem to be correct from the context.
    Population: The planet's population is scanned at 500 million.  There are dozens of cities on each
    Technology Level: Pre-industrial; there are no electromagnetic transmissions are detected from their

    All Akaali carry identity papers.

    2151:  One Akaali city suffered from sickness due to secret Malurian mining operations.  Contaminants
        from their drilling machinery were leaking into the water supply.  Captain Archer helped to foil the
        operation and removed the mining equipment. The Vulcans agreed to later check on the Akaali
        periodically to see if the Malurians had returned.
                                                             "Civilization" [ENT]

Individuals of Note:
Riaan - an Akaali apothecary.              "Civilization" [ENT]



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