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a humanoid civilization.  Physically, Acamarians can be identified by a formed indentation (a cleft) in their
foreheads.  They use individualized decorative facial tatooing.

Acamarian blood is composed of an odd composite of iron and copper based blood chemistry. It makes it
readily identifiable since this is rare in most other species in this area of the galaxy.

Places of Interest:
The Acamarians are native to the Alpha Quadrant. Their homeworld is Acamar III.
                                                                 "The Vengeance Factor" [TNG]

Acamarian culture places much importance to clan membership, both socially and in political circles.
In earlier eras, clan warfare was notoriously violent. One such feud, between the Lornak and the Tralestas,
lasted almost three centuries, and ended only after the last Tralesta was murdered.

The Acamarian government was headed by Sovereign Marouk in 2366.

membership in a clan is considered of great social and political importance, and
 conflicts between the various clans often became violent.   One such feud, between the
 Lornaks and the Tralestas, lasted some three centuries, and ended only after the last
 Tralesta was dead.
 Acamarian Database : Transmitted to the Enterprise.  Riker is able to discover
   the "missing link" in Volnath's murder through examination of this.
                                                                 "The Vengeance Factor" [TNG]

Food and Drink:
Acamarian Brandy  - A delicacy Chorgon has not tasted in a long time.
                                                                 "The Vengeance Factor" [TNG]

ca. 2266:   Leaving behind a traditional history of clan rivalries and violent feuding, Acamarians had
    enjoyed peace for nearly a century in 2366. The exception to the reconciliation were the Gatherers,
    a segment of the population that split from the more conservative Acamarians and refused to be a
    part of the peace settlement and since then lived offworld, as nomadic interstellar marauders, believed
    to have been responsible for numerous raids on various outposts and ships in the sector near Acamar III.
                                                                 "The Vengeance Factor" [TNG]

2366:   The Acamarian government, headed by Sovereign Marouk, extended an offer of
    reconciliation and repatriation for the estranged renegade Gatherers.  The negotions, mediated by
    Jean-Luc Picard,took place at a gatherer camp on the planet Gamma Hromi II. Picard was eventually
    successful and the gatherers agreed to return home the same year.  The Acamarians and the Gatherers
    were reunited after nearly a century.
                                                                 "The Vengeance Factor" [TNG]


Individuals of Note:
Yuta -                                                       "The Vengeance Factor" [TNG]


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